English for Academic Purposes

Program Overview

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is designed for students who are:

  • Interested in studying in English but whose first language or language of study is not English.
  • Seeking an English language immersion experience.
  • Seeking to attain an IELTS band of 5 or a TOEFL score of 500 for undergraduate studies.
  • Seeking to attain an IELTS band of 6 or a TOEFL score of 600 or more for graduate studies.
  • Interested in pursuing studies at Canadian University Dubai and/or further studies in Canada.

Our EAP program consists of 4 courses, each designed to accommodate your English language proficiency level to help you develop your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and reach your targeted IELTS or TOEFL score. The curriculum is run in conjunction with the University Academic Calendar and requires students' active participation and collaboration with instructors and peers. You will also study academic skills such as note-taking, presentation delivery, and critical thinking to help you succeed in your academic journey. 

Student Experience 

EAP classes are not only beneficial for academic success – they can help broaden your world by enabling you to access more job opportunities, enhance your success in interviews, improve your spoken and written communication skills, and increase your confidence when expressing yourself. This is because our EAP curriculum is closely aligned with university life. Most classes are delivered in the morning and early afternoon and involve active EAP student engagement in sports, student clubs, music, and/or career services. EAP students also have access to the Student Success Center, the Learning Resource Center, and practice exams. 

Small class sizes provide a dynamic classroom experience and more interaction with the instructor. Canadian University Dubai’s EAP courses bring classmates from a range of cultural, professional, and educational backgrounds together in a cross-cultural environment. As first-year students, language should not prevent you from being involved in student activities, having access to resources, pursuing your hobbies, familiarizing yourself with Dubai, and making new friends.

Placement in EAP Level 

To determine your starting point in the program, you need to take the IELTS exam, TOEFL exam, or the free Placement Test. Your placement in one of the 4 levels is based on your test score. Course duration, contact hours, cost, and test scores for placement are outlined below:

Program Number in Weeks Hours per week Pre-requisite Allowed Enrolment in General Education Credits  Price Hours of Instruction 
EAP - 101 6.5 20 Below IELTS 4 or TOEFL 400 3 credits (one course) 5,600.00 AED   130 hours
EAP - 201 6.5 20 IELTS 4 to 4.4 or TOEFL 400-449 6 credits (two courses) 5,600.00 AED   130 hours
EAP - 301 6.5 12 IELTS 4.5 to 4.9 or TOEFL 450-499 9 credits (three courses) 4,380.00 AED   78 hours 
EAP - 401 6.5 12 IELTS 5-5.9 or TOEFL 500-599 No limit 4,380.00 AED   78 hours

*Course fees include textbooks and unlimited access to MyEnglishLab*

EAP Program Registration & Incidental Fees

Description  Rate (pre-VAT) VAT VAT Amount Total Amount 
Registration Fee                                100.00                   5%          5.00 105.00
SRFID                         165.00 5%           8.25 173.25
Total  278.25

2019-2020 EAP Course Schedule 

Semester  Course Start Date  Course End Date  Final Exam Date
Fall 1 September 8 October 17   October 22
Fall 2 November 3 December 12 December 17 
Spring 1 January 12 February 20 February 25
Spring 2 March 8 April 23 April 28
Summer 1 May 10 June 18 June 23
Summer 2 July 5 August 13 August 18


Students can register through the Admissions Office. Please contact us directly for more information by emailing contEd@cud.ac.aeor by calling +971 (0)4 3219090.