Rules for Examination

Examination Procedures for Students

  • There will be no breaks during the exam, use the toilets before the exams start.
  • All cell phones should be turned off and placed under the desk or in your pockets. Phones may not be handled at any time during the exam. If a phone is seen, it will be taken away until after the exam.
  • Any iPod Nanos which worn on your wrists must be taken off and put away.
  • Briefcases, bags and purses must be left at the front of the exam hall.
  • You must keep your eyes on your papers or at the front of the exam hall, do not turn around.
  • Read through your entire exam immediately to be sure you understand all questions as you will have a limited period in which to ask questions.
  • No talking during the exam after the question period has passed.
  • If you are asked to move during the exam, please gather your things and move quietly.
  • Cameras are monitoring the exam hall.
  • No extra papers are allowed in the exam hall. Formula will be supplied as part of your exam if necessary.
  • Blank sheets will not be supplied during the exam.
  • Exam papers are to remain securely stapled and should under no circumstances be opened