Participants can choose up to two courses: a morning session and an afternoon session.

Course List

Morning Courses

Afternoon Courses

BYOL: Bring your own laptop for class projects

Class Timings

Morning Session (10:00~12:00)

Afternoon Session (13:30~15:30)

Bus Pickup Timings

9 AM from Dorm – 4 PM from CUD

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation ceremony to be held in CUD‘s Red Theater upon completing of courses

Fun and diverse cultural activities

Le Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Le Louvre, Abu Dhabi

Etihad Museum (Union House)

Etihad Museum (Union House)

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Desert Safari Adventure (optional/+fee)

Desert Safari Adventure

World’s largest indoor theme park (optional/+fee)

World’s largest indoor theme park

Course Availability

Courses are subject to change or may be cancelled, depending on the status of registration and availability of instructors. A course will be cancelled if less than ten (10) students are registered. In the event that your class is cancelled, the University will contact you to discuss a suitable alternative.

Credit transferability

For credit transfer, students are advised to consult and obtain approval from their academic advisors at their home institution in advance: Credit transferability of a particular CUD Summer School course depends solely on home institutions' policies.


Some classes list prerequisites in their course description. Students are required to check if they are eligible to take the course or not.

Academic Policy

CUD Summer School uses a Pass/Fail grading system with a corresponding percentage scale. Students who acquire a grade/score beyond the minimum criteria set by the academic staff teaching the course will be given a “Pass". Grading is at the academic staff’s discretion, so any appeals or requests regarding the grading/evaluation system should be directed to them.

Academic Evaluation

Pass (P): grade of 60% or above
Fail (F): grade below 60%


Pass (P): attendance of 80% or above
Fail (F): attendance below 80%

A Certificate of Completion

A transcript and Certificate of Completion are available at the graduation ceremony only if a student completes the program successfully with a passing grade. Transcripts (if needed) will be sent directly to students at the email address and they will be provided approximately one month after the completion of the program.