Business Ethics & Volunteerism

December 8, 2017: Students in Dr. Louise Lambert’s Business Ethics and CSR course recently welcomed the idea of volunteering to make a difference in the community.

Over the course of a few days, students were able to successfully package 130 bags worth of clothes, rice, pasta, soap, and all sorts of other essential items for a 100 man labour camp, plus 30 of our parking, security and cleaning staff.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a very crucial element for most organizations nowadays. Day by day, businesses evolve with new ideas to “give back” to the community. One of the many benefits to incorporate CSR in organizations is that the recognition generated within the community allowing stakeholders to perceive an organization as a potentially trustworthy company acting within the values of good corporate citizenry.

Speaking about the initiative, Heba Ayman Ibrahim El Desouki Ali - a student in the Business Ethics Class- said that volunteering for a good cause is a very rewarding experience. Although this was a small effort, it made a significant impact on the students and on the CUD staff and the laborers. She felt it gave them the sense that there are people who care about their well-being and appreciate their efforts on a daily basis. From the giver’s point of view, it provides the motivation to continue engaging in a variety of campaigns and humanitarian efforts designed to bolster the community at all levels.

Heba thanked to Dr. Louise for coming up with the idea and for making it possible. She also referred to the efforts by the students to put the project together and successfully package and deliver the donations.