CUD graduate helps create the future in Expo 2020 Design Role

June 18th, 2019: Rahul Binyani, a graduate of the Bachelor of Architecture at Canadian University Dubai (CUD), is helping to realize the theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ as one of the masterminds behind the design and build of visitor facilities at the fast-approaching Expo 2020 Dubai.

Scoring the dream job directly following his graduation from CUD, Rahul, now 24 years old, started out as an apprentice with Expo 2020 in 2016. Thanks to his academic skills, professional commitment and personal enthusiasm for the project, he has now progressed to become Assistant Manager of Overlay – the team responsible for the design and build of all the temporary facilities that will be required by visitors at the event.

Following a gruelling and multidisciplinary recruitment process, which saw him selected as one of 27 apprentices from over 2,700 international applications, Rahul joined a staff of around 200 employees at a deserted site on the outskirts of Dubai to begin work on the awe-inspiring mega project.

Rahul said, “When we first arrived there was nothing on site – the desert met the sky and it was hard to imagine the transformation ahead – but now things are taking shape and there is a growing sense of pride among everyone involved. To watch this once-in-a-lifetime event grow from its roots, and to contribute to that growth, is very exciting; particularly for residents like myself who have grown up here in Dubai.

“We have projects worth several billion dollars across the 438 hectare site and we are developing the amenities to cater for 300,000 visitors per day at the event’s peak. While the overlay facilities will be temporary, we are of course all working towards the legacy project, District 2020, which will establish the site as an important business, leisure and lifestyle destination of the future.”

He continued, “Dubai had brought in some of the world’s best industry experts in mega project development to help realize Expo 2020, and connecting with professionals who have been involved in international events is an invaluable experience at this stage of my career.

“At CUD we had the opportunity to work on real-world projects and this, combined with my internship experiences, helped to give me the skills and confidence to pursue the opportunity at Expo 2020. Working on a mega project straight out of university is an incredible experience and I’m excited to see this come to life”, Rahul concluded.