CUD Professor Nominated for “best Professor Award”

CUD Professor of Communication and Media Studies, Dr. Franziska Apprich, has been nominated for “Best Academic Professor Award” by the Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties (ASDF).

Dr. Apprich was nominated for the ASDF Global Awards, which are designed to celebrate exceptional achievement in technology-based economic development and highlight examples of success approaches, chose her for her dedication to introducing new and innovative technologies into her classroom environment.;

To date, Dr. Apprich has introduced two innovative systems in her classroom in order to enhance her teaching methods.   One of these systems is SEPPO, which allows the instructor to turn their educational plan, and student’s feedback, into a game via the student’s smartphones. 

Another new technology that Dr. Apprich hopes to introduce is Ametros Learning, which designs and builds artificially intelligent, digital simulations for learners of any discipline. Her students will be able to interact with artificially intelligent characters in narratives that align with professional practice therefore learning the skills they need to be successful.

Dr. Apprich intends to introduce these technologies into a new program she is helping to develop in coordination with Canadian University Dubai and Ryerson University, Canada, called the Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries, which will combine practical knowledge in the arts, interior design, fashion and media with the business skills needed to be leaders in this rapidly expanding industry.   The program is expected to launch soon dependent on accreditation by the UAE’s Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs. 

“By using technology in my classroom I hope to instill in my students a love of innovation, and the insight needed to explore high-tech solutions when they enter into their careers,” said Dr. Apprich.  “In today’s fast paced, technology dependent society, students need to be comfortable with technology and the myriad ways it can be used in order to be the industry leaders of the future.  It’s often been thought in the past that the arts and tech don’t mix, but platforms like the ones I use dispel those myths.  I’m looking forward to introducing them in our new program, and really allowing our students to explore and capitalize on them.”

ASDF is an international non-profit organization well known for its celebration of exceptional achievement in technology-based economic development.  The aim of the awards is to foster successful technology-based economies by recognizing achievement in research, the mechanisms for transferring knowledge into the marketplace, creating entrepreneurial culture, sources of risk capital, and a technically skilled workforce.

The awards will be held in December, 2017 in Goa, India.