CUD signs agreement with Brock University

August 27th, 2018: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has formalized an agreement with Ontario’s Brock University allowing students studying business communications and media disciplines to transfer to Brock for the final two years of their program.

With similarities to CUD in its increasingly diverse student population, a strong interest in internationalization and a desire to provide global learning opportunities to its students, Brock University is one of Canada’s top post-secondary institutions, renowned for its beautiful campus located in a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

“Brock University was one of the first in Canada to develop a program in Communication Studies, and this has evolved over the years into two popular interdisciplinary degrees: Business Communication, and Media and Communication Studies”, said Scott Henderson, Associate Professor of Communication, Popular Culture and Film at Brock University.

“CUD offers its students a great program and it aligns very well with what we offer, making it a good fit. Students will be coming to Brock from around the world, with the same fundamentals as our third-year students, bringing fresh perspectives to our classroom discussion” said Henderson.

The relationship between Brock University and CUD originated in March 2011 when the two came together to discuss the creation of CUD’s communications programs. It is anticipated that the new agreement could also pave the way for future opportunities such as student exchange, new competency-based undergraduate and graduate programs, and joint interdisciplinary research and conferences.

Professor David Santandreu Calonge, Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences at CUD, said, “This MOU is an important step towards a substantial sharing of ideas and implementation of academic and research initiatives between our institutions.

“It presents a tremendous opportunity for our students and will provide them with an international perspective to help them prepare for work in an increasingly globalized world.”

Brock University joins a growing list of Canadian and other global partners offering unique international pathways for CUD’s expanding portfolio of undergraduate degree programs.