CUD Student Clubs Host Sign-up Event

September 17th, 2018: Members of the various student clubs at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) exhibited their activities in an event to sign up new members for the 2018/19 academic year. Many activities in the fields of art, science and sports were represented during the event, with students responding with great positivity as they curiously made their way from booth to booth to learn more about club activities and the ways that they can make a difference.

The air was filled with the sound of piano music coordinated by the president of the Music Club and the entire hall teemed with students from across the entire University. Around 20 different booths were populated by the various club presidents and their colleagues, who outlined the message and the spirit behind their organizations. Mohammed Ismael, President of the Photography Club, said us that “being part of a club heightens your senses, no matter what your passion is.”

CUD encourages students of all cultures and walks of life to join and participate in student activities. Student Services’ Reina Mansour, one of the event’s main organizers, was proud to say that “joining a club helps students feel like they belong to something bigger. It helps them to gain experience and learn to overcome obstacles.” Also commenting was Mariem Farhmand, the Secretary of the Student Council, who told explained that “being a part of a club has helped me gain confidence, to learn things from my colleagues, and to find like-minded friends.”

The organizers of the event worked diligently to ensure that everything ran smoothly, with each and every one of the clubs finding new hopeful students to take aboard during the day.