CUD Students Explore Art of Kindness

January 21 2018, CUD Red Theatre: Faculty and students attended a mini-conference on the “Art of Kindness.”

During the event, the perceptions of showing and receiving kindness were explored in depth.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Raymond Hebert who gave his thoughts on kindness in the light of his experience teaching students both in UAE and also North America. He also referred to the “Kindness of Kindness.”

Mr. Campbell Tennis from the MARCOM Department performed a self-penned song “Kindness is a Must.”

Leanne Walper from the HR Department spoke about her optimistic outlook on life. She outlined her strategy for dealing with HR issues sometimes having to make unpopular decisions concerning individuals and her methods of conveying them in a kindly manner.

The session was concluded with Ms. Sama Rasheed from the Department of Communications who spoke on the need to first of all be kind to yourself. Only then will you be able to pass your kindness on to others.

Accompanying Ms. Sama were t of her students, Janine Pinto and Asad Saddique.

Assad spoke on the importance of standing up for yourself in the face of both enemies and friends and outlined strategies for achieving dignity and self-respect in a kindly manner.