Entrepreneur in the Making Thinking Cap

Dubai, UAE, September, 2017: Canadian University Dubai students of Communication and Media Studies, were tasked during the month of September to come up with new ideas on how to innovate and become successful entrepreneurs.

As such, students were asked to wear the “Entrepreneur in the Making” cap, decorated with pink bows and designed to encourage young female students to consider entrepreneurship as an employment choice. The caps also celebrate female entrepreneurship and are meant to encourage young female students to consider their dreams and how to conceptualize them.

The labels on the caps were created in collaboration with the Ryerson University 3D printing lab and can be recreated via digital printing. When considering that everybody can be an entrepreneur – no matter the budget, Canadian University Dubai sought to form a partnership with Ryerson with a view to delivering Degrees in Creative Industries here in the UAE in the near future modeled on the already successful Creative Industries program at Ryerson.  By introducing new programs, technologies and awareness campaigns the University will develop well-balanced youth who dream and act big.

As part of the agreement with Ryerson, CUD will establish a Business Incubation Unit which will encourage and mentor budding entrepreneurs within the University.

To date, women entrepreneurs are still few in numbers however with the changes in perception and attitudes towards gender roles; women all across the UAE and the world are celebrating great success through their innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.

In line with this, students are tasked within the scope of their class activities, to examine their attitudes towards female entrepreneurship especially in UAE society. The results of this indicated a generally positive reaction throughout the country towards women entrepreneurs due to the country's unique culture however many deterrents still exist either due to a combination of lack of funding or knowledge. Through this incubator, female entrepreneurs are afforded the opportunity to start off small and therefore not have to depend on external finance women gradually building their brand in a safe and secure environment.

It is worth noting that one factor that might deter women from starting their own business is a lack of confidence stemming from the belief that the entrepreneurial life is a difficult and unsteady one. Formation of self-help groups where their peers would be able to help them was a good way to ease into it.