High School Students visit Architecture and Interior Design Action Day

March 5th, 2019: Over forty students from High Schools throughout the UAE attended an Action Day held by the Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design at Canadian University Dubai (CUD).

The visitors were introduced to the opportunities and pathways to success available in these disciplines, especially in Dubai, where thinking outside the box is evident in the futuristic designs of the structure and interior of numerous iconic buildings. The presentation was led by Dr. Hamoud Dekkiche and Dr. Hazim Al-Nijaidi.

The audience then split into groups and had the opportunity to experience the knowledge and skills required to be successful professionals.

Mr. Florian Techel outlined how Computer Aided Design was a valuable tool for bringing thoughts and ideas in to reality, while Ms. Carla Arias led a workshop on the knowledge and skills required for Interior and Furniture Design.

In a fun-filled activity, Mr. Steve Denyer challenged the visitors in small groups to design the tallest structure possible using spaghetti and marshmallows.

After lunch, there were two further presentations. Dr. Seif Khiati and Dr. Constantin Spiridonidis described the History of Architecture and explained the new trends in building design, while Ms. Sophie Johnson and Ms. Carla Arias gave an overview of Interior Design starting from the early days and looking to the future.

The event concluded with a presentation of certificates to the participants who left with a clearer picture of what it means to be professional Architects or Interior Designers.