Hrm Programme Hosts Annual “meet and Mingle” Event

September 28, 2017: As part of the orientation process of welcoming new students, the Human Resource Management (HRM) Program under the Faculty of Management, held its first Meet and Mingle (M&M) event welcoming both new and returning HRM students on Thursday, Sept, 28, 2017 at D207.

Dr. Diana Haladay, Assistant Professor, hosted the event and welcomed the students reminding them that according to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, student achievement rests on a foundation of "belongingness" in an organization which could be facilitated by providing both new and returning students with an opportunity to better get to know each other and the HRM faculty.

Following the opening welcome speech by Dr. Diana, Dr. Rommel - Chair of the HRM Department - welcomed everyone and then proceeded to introduce the HRM faculty. Each faculty member then introduced the courses they taught and their areas of research interest. Dr. Rommel in his speech also said that “Human Capital Management is the heart of the organization” stressing that if we are engaged, we are creating a difference in the world of work which awaits graduating students.

A lively and challenging game of “People Bingo” followed. This enabled all students and faculty to get to know each other sharing personal information such as hobbies, birthdays, and even GPA averages. The winners of the “People Bingo” games then introduced themselves before collecting their prizes.

A scavenger hunt followed, with more introductions and prizes. Finally, the returning HRM students and faculty concluded the M&M session by offering the new students very important advice: Don't forget to sleep! Participate in student activities! Study hard and have fun--4 years is a long time!