Mba Students Attend Beyond Borders Conference

November 9, 2017 JW Marriott marquis Hotel, Dubai:  MBA Students from CUD including Sara Alami Riad, Hashim Salim, Nabil Mustafa and Ahmed Ali visited the annual SME Beyond Borders Conference.

SME Beyond Borders is a gathering that celebrates the global SME sector. It assesses the impact of international trends on the local SME scene by assessing whether companies in the GCC can become world-class innovators. This year’s conference focused on the theme of Artificial Intelligence under the name ‘SME 4x’.

Futurists, algorithmists, entrepreneurs, digital and innovation leaders, healthcare consultants, aerospace engineers and many others came to discuss how the world will dramatically change in 4 years from today with new technology affecting all parts of our daily life.

Speaking after the event, Sara Alami Riad, one of our MBA students said that attending the Conference was a very uplifting experience. The conference taught her how the world is connected and how the world is constantly changing its trends. SMEs are the hub of business across the world.

She learned that there will be a technology revolution that will have an impact on the different sectors in the region such as healthcare, banking, transport, travel and events. One of the most interesting speakers that caught her attention was Tanmay Bakshi.

Tanmay is a 14 year old software developer who has published different apps and source codes. He is the youngest IBM Watson Developer, starting coding at the age of five and building an iOS at the age of nine. Sara was fascinated to see how such a young inspiration could have so much ambition in what he is doing.

One of his quotes was “I code in my free time and love it so much that it helps me take my mind off things. So follow your heart and passion. It could be anything, just practice and get better at it!”