Mou Signed with Canadian Immigration Lawyer

DUBAI, AUGUST 1, 2017 -   Canadian University Dubai (CUD) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Beeton & Co, FZ LLC, that will provide students with expertise in regards to Canadian immigration and transferring to Canadian universities.    The MOU was signed by Dr. Karim Chelli, President and Vice Chancellor of Canadian University Dubai and Julie Beeton, Managing Director of Beeton & Co. 

CUD boasts an extensive network of strategic partnerships with leading universities across Canada which provides students with the ability to transfer to Canada during or after their studies at CUD.    The expertise provided by Beeton & Co will help students obtain visas to study in Canada.  In addition, both CUD and Beeton & Co have agreed to coordinate to work on training schemes and knowledge sharing. 

“Our transfer to Canada program is central to our overall strategic vision and mission,” said Dr. Chelli. “For many students the opportunity to study in Canada is a huge draw, and we help them achieve their goal through our strategic partners and Canadian accredited courses.  A partnership with Beeton & Co will help us extend this program to more students and assist them to get visas faster and easier.”

Beeton & Co helps families and students from across the globe immigrate and study in Canada.  Julie Beeton said “I am looking forward to helping CUD students get their Canadian study permits and advising them on how to stay and work in Canada after they complete their studies.  It is very important for students to get their applications right the first time so they can arrive at their new Canadian university on time and ready to start this exciting stage in their life. ”