Professor Pens Song in Praise of Dubai

CUD Professor of Communication and Media Studies Dr. Franziska Apprich has composed a song “Celebrate Dubai” as a tribute to the country which has been her adoptive home for the past six years. Outside academia, she has worked as a media consultant, creative director, and a professional filmmaker composer, journalist and producer. The song has been recorded by Declan O’Sullivan, also known as “Paddyman,” the No. 1 Irish entertainer in the Middle East.

When asked why she wrote the song she replied, “This is a love song for Dubai. So many people come to Dubai and find an amazing lifestyle, opportunities, and innovations. It’s like the American dream, the Dubai dream, it is a great country with a great vision and it brings people from all over the world together to create a new innovative exciting tomorrow.  When people leave Dubai they often come back. There is no other Dubai out there. Nothing else compares.”

Asked what she hoped the song would achieve she said she wished to thank Dubai, “to celebrate it, to tell it to the world, and to celebrate it together, to sing together and create the melody of an exciting peaceful tomorrow.  The world can be beautiful, life can be good, sometimes we forget to thank the people, countries or opportunities that made us who we are, those moments who define us, time to say thank you.”

The song was recorded in a local studio by Declan O’Sullivan, known as Paddyman an Irish singer and entertainer who has lived in Dubai for the past 15 years and shares many of Dr. Fran’s sentiments about living and working here. She said “Declan symbolizes the joy of bringing people together. We as expats can live in Dubai and celebrate it. He is a great musical talent and has defined the Dubai music scene for a long time now. The Irish community and Ambassador are supporting him and he is the right person to bring the song out there and make people sing along.”

When asked what inspires her so much about Dubai, she referred to its great vision, its great and innovative people, its kindness, its loyalty towards each other and the speed with which it can turn ideas into reality.

Dr. Apprich stated, “Dubai has given me a home after traveling for many years, it has offered opportunities and opened doors that would have been impossible in any other country.” During her time here she has created a UAE space gum, written a Dubai kids book, and a Dubai theatre play in addition to composing many other songs and pieces of music. She feels that in Dubai the impossible can become possible as it is the right place for people with ideas and dreams.

Asked what advice she would give to anyone contemplating living and working in Dubai she recommends “Just do it! Be respectful of the tradition and live your dreams. Explore a new world with new opportunities. And remember that this is the place where innovation meets the future.”

When asked what she saw as the future for Dubai she said “I’m very much looking forward to Expo 2020. It will be very exciting. I know that Dubai will continue to push boundaries in all fields; I hope that more entrepreneurs teach and invest in young people with great ideas; I would love to see a growing music and film industry so that Dubai creative content is heard all over the world and celebrated.  There is an immense amount of talent here. Let s explore and show off its unique identity. Hopefully my song will contribute in some small way to this.”