Robotics is Fun Workshop Held in CUD

December 11, 2017 - Block B: The IEEE student branch HOSTED a workshop titled as “Robotics is Fun” The workshop was held in collaboration with the “The Assembly.”

With the growing use of 3-D printing, students in the university, especially engineering students had the opportunity to practically experience the physical outcome of what we try to program or build. Students were able to experience hands on skills outside the classroom on state of the art technology.

“The Assembly” is an independent organization that runs volunteer technical workshops for the community, building a strategic group of partners amongst the diverse group of stakeholders – Government, Educational Institutions, Influencers & Community Innovators and Industry.

They aim to Influence and Create smart collaborative platforms for Education, Training and Commercialization of new technology, collaborative creation and learning.

Speaking after the event Shaheera Khan said that it was very exciting for IEEE to collaborate with The Assembly and she was delighted to have them on campus to deliver the workshop. She felt that the university would be gaining more recognition as a hub for technology and innovation in the region and there was tremendous potential in this collaboration for community and public outreach. She confirmed plans are in place to host more workshops with the Assembly and encouraged all out students to attend The Assembly’s weekly workshops held every Saturday.