Dr. Iva Bulatovic

Dr. Iva Bulatovic
  • PhD Mediterranean University (Montenegro)
  • Position: Assistant Professor of Tourism Management, Faculty of Management
  • Email: iva.bulatovic@cud.ac.ae
  • Telephone: +971 4 7096 863
  • Location: Block D – Room D3-01


Dr. Iva Bulatovic holds PhD and Masters qualifications in the field of sustainable tourism management from Mediterranean University, Montenegro. Dr. Bulatovic’s work towards her PhD thesis was recognized and financed by the Government of Slovenia (2013); Government of Croatia (2014); and Government of Montenegro (2015).

Prior to joining CUD, Dr. Bulatovic occupied the position of Vice Dean in the Faculty of Tourism at Mediterranean University, a testament to her academic leadership skills. She has also been a visiting professor at several universities in Europe (University of Business Studies – Bosnia and Herzegovina, University of Applied Sciences, Hungary) and has over 9 years of teaching and mentoring experience at all levels.

With a strong background in tourism management, Dr. Bulatovic was a leading author and coordinator in the creation of tourism policies for the municipalities in Montenegro. She has participated in many national and international projects and is a Management Committee Member in two European Cooperation in Science and Technology actions.

Dr. Bulatovic has experience in using a variety of interdisciplinary methods and approaches in her research work, as evidenced by more than 20 papers published in international journals, conferences, and three books. She is a reviewer and editor for international scientific journals such as 'Economic Research Journal' and 'Economics'.

Areas of Specialization

Destination Management, Special Interest Tourism, Sustainable Tourism.

Selected publications

  • Bulatović, I., Stranjančević, A., Đurašević, S., Vlahović, S. (2018). Determinants Of Tourist Competitiveness In The Case Of Montenegro: Experts’ Assessment. Tourism and Hospitality Management, 24 (2),271-286.
  • Blagojevic Popovic, O., Nikic, V., Bulatovic, I., Delibasic, M. (2018). Modeling Perceived Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Probability of Guest Returning to the DestinationMontenegrin Journal of Economics, Economic Laboratory for Transition Research (ELIT), vol. 14(1), pages 69-78.
  • Bulatović,I., Stranjančević, A.,Lacmanović, D.,Raspor, A. (2017). Casino Business in the Context of Tourism Development (Case: Montenegro).Social Sciences, 6 (4 ), 146-160.
  • Vlahović, S., & Bulatović,I. (2016). Computer Simulations and Video Games in Education (Case: Montenegro). Advanced Science Letters , 8, 1993-1996. ISSN 1936-6612 (Print).
  • Stranjančević , A., & Bulatović,I. (2015). Customer satisfaction as an indicator of service quality in tourism and hospitality. International Journal for Quality Research – IJQR, 9 (4),  689-704.  ISSN: 1800-6450 e-ISSN: 1800-7473 UDC – 638.124.8


  • COST Association/Action TU1408 Air Transport and Regional Development (ATARD)
  • COST Association /Action: CA16121 /From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy
  • Connection of coastal and continental tourism within Adriatic - Ionian strategy
  • Connection of coastal and continental tourism within Adriatic - Ionian strategy IP
  • Joint experience of casino businesses in the tourist destinations - Montenegro and Slovenia