Quality Management

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Today’s clients today are expecting high levels of quality from organizations which in turn requires high administrative quality. Managers are expected to manage efficiently and effectively to satisfy the objectives of the organization. This can only be done by implementing quality principles within the administration. In this workshop, managers will learn the types of administrative quality, the main concepts of quality, and methods to address these challenges.


The manager will be able to describe administrative quality management, and what are the important success factors. Managers will learn how to use tools to implement and monitor administrative quality.


Topics covered will include but are not limited to: Identifying goals in administrative quality, sources of poor quality, costs of poor quality, creating an efficient working environment, quality management for common tasks such as emails and meetings and process modelling tools for quality.

Target Audience

Middle to upper level managers with negligible academic background on the topic.


5 hours

Other Relevant Information

The course will be delivered by workshop method. Students will be involved in solving problems and case studies to learn the concepts. Teaching material will consist of a light PPT with content and exercises.

Trainer(s) Bio

Dr. Marc Poulin is a professor of Operations Management at CUD for Graduate Studies. He has taught various courses in operations and supply chain management, project management, microeconomics and IT systems in the past 8 years. His research and consulting expertise is focused on operations management, supply chain management, and mass customization. He has presented at many international conferences and published in scientific journals.

Dr. Poulin also provided industrial training to local companies in the UAE and internationally. He has over ten years experience as a supply chain management consultant, with six full time years in Montreal, Canada. He has also set up many companies in the health, sports, robotics, food, trading, tourism and consulting industries.