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In today’s fast paced economy, many organizations are developing products and services to enter the market during a specific time window and/or within a set budget. These events are mostly unique, complex to manage and involve many resources. Project Management skills become essential for success in this environment. Project managers have been among the key resources in organizations managing projects on a regular basis.

This course presents the various stages of project management from defining to monitoring a project. The course will allow students to practice planning real projects

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • What is a project
  • What are the phases of project management
  • How to organize the human resources for project management
  • How to create a project charter and establish the scope
  • How to plan a project in fixed and variable timings
  • How to determine resource utilization and costs
  • How to use project management software to manage the basics of a projects

Topics Covered

In order to reach these objectives, the following topics will be covered:

  • Defining projects and project charters
  • Project planning phases
  • CPM and PERT
  • Project monitoring
  • MS Project

Target Audience

All levels of management


2 full days, or 15 facing hrs (could be adapted to needs)

Teaching Methodology

Interactive lecture
Workshop exercises


These will be adapted to the audience. Sources can come from:

  • Project Management textbooks
  • Research articles, business articles

Participants will be given electronic PPT files and an exercise booklet.

Other Relevant Information

Participants should have foundations in management, either through a Bachelor’s degree or a few years of management experience.

Trainer(s) Bio

Marc Poulin, MBA, PhD

The trainer has over 15 years business consultancy experience in North America and the UAE. He has over ten years’ experience in academia in Canada and the UAE. His area of expertise is Operations and Supply Chain Management, with a specialization in Mass Customization.