Strategic Planning

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Successful organizations today not only plan to avoid short term problems while establishing long term visions and missions, realized by selecting optimal strategies. Strategic planning is an ongoing process in any organization and allows it to align all resources in an effective and efficient manner.

The course will present a generic strategic planning process that can be applied in any organization to improve business strategies.

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will know:

  • How to execute a strategic planning process.
  • How to conduct a proper analysis of an organization.
  • Many types of strategies.
  • How to generate strategy options and make a selection.
  • How to implement and monitor a strategy.

Topics Covered

In order to reach the objectives, the following topics will be covered:

  • Vision and mission of an organization
  • Analysis tools: SWOT analysis, IEF, EFE, CPB
  • Strategy creation tools: BCG, SPACE, QSPM
  • BI tools
  • Popular strategy cases

Target Audiences

Operations Managers


2 – 3 days

Teaching Methodology

Interactive lecture
Workshop exercises

Assessment Criteria & Method

The assessment can be adapted to the client’s needs.


These will be adapted to the audience. Sources can come from:

  • Recent literture on Strategy
  • Research articles, business articles
  • The Trainers’ industry cases

Participants will be given electronic PPT files and an exercise booklet.

Other Relevant Information

Participants should have minimal experience in management in the service or production industry.

Trainer(s) Bio

Marc Poulin, MBA, PhD

This trainer has over 15 years business consultancy experience in North America and the UAE. He has over ten years’ experience in academia in Canada and the UAE. His area of expertise is Operations and Supply Chain Management, with a specialization in mass customization. His experience in health care can be reflected by his consultation work for over five organizations in the healthcare industry within the last three years.