School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration offers students five distinct undergraduate program options: the Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Marketing, Human Resource Management, E-Business and Finance & Accounting (4 years); and the Associate Degree in Marketing (2 years). Each of the programs is designed to develop competencies in all functional areas of business and management, and prepare students for success in their chosen career path within the global business environment.

Programs Offered

A Word from the Chair

The School of Business Administration “SBA” trains and educates tomorrow’s business leaders in areas of marketing, human resources management, and e-business at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, our M.B.A. program is one of the most competitive programs in the area that prepares today’s managers to deal with tomorrow’s challenges.

Our educational experience is unique in a way that allows students to apply learned skills. The interaction and diversity of our students and faculty is one of the main strengths. Our ability to promote entrepreneurship is a driving force behind our success. Our Canadian values, teaching approach, and affiliations position us to be a leader in business education. As a portal to Canadian education in the Middle East, our main objectives will continue to transform people’s minds and lives in a way that will be felt by our students and the business community at large.

Dean, School of Business Administration
Canadian University of Dubai