Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management

  •   Bachelor Degree Program
  •   4 Years (8 Semesters)
  •   126 Credit Hours
  •   Fall, Spring and Summer

Our environment and health are pivotal to today’s world and its future sustainability; health is the focal point of humanity and without proper health systems, our existence would be at stake. Simultaneously, climate change, global warming, pollution, and the depletion of natural resources present serious issues that affect our long-term well-being.

At CUD, the School of Environment and Health Sciences has been established to equip student with the skills required to help develop solutions to these significant, global issues, and to develop individuals with a broad knowledge of the continuously evolving health sciences field. The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to successfully confront these challenges in a systematic manner, and to make an important contribution to the workforce immediately following your graduation.


As a graduate of CUD’s Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health Management program, you will have a strong background in managing environmental health issues. The program will equip you with the current tools and methods to face the most challenging and contemporary issues related to health organization and environmental health. With a degree in this field, you will be a crucial asset to environmental and health employers, ministries and international organizations.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will have the opportunity to work in:

  • Government Ministries
  • International Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Industries related to Health Management functions
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Educational and Research Institutions
  • Industries linked to:
    • Health, Safety and Gazards
    • Food Safety
    • Water Resources
    • Oil Industry
    • Real Estate Development
    • Waste Management.

Program Structure

Requirements Compulsory
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
University Requirement (UR) 18 18 36
School (Health Sciences Core) (CR) 45 - 45
Department (Major) (MJ) 42 3 45
Total 115 21 126

University Requirements

University Requirements are 30 credits out of which 18 credits Compulsory Courses. Every student is required to take the mandatory credit hours that cover Islamic culture, Arabic and English communication skills. These requirements are:

Course # Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite
1) Languages, statistics and Islamic Culture
LNG 171 English I 3  
LNG 172 English II 3 LNG 171
GED 196E Communication Skills in Arabic 3  
GED 198E Islamic Culture 3  
MTH 195 Applied Statistics 3  
GED 101E Applications of Computer Software 3  
2) Humanities: Students should select two courses from the following pool: (6 credits)
GED 110E Modern Art Appreciation 3  
GED 111 Music Appreciation and Communication 3  
GED 205E Psychology in Every Day Life 3 LNG-172
GED 252E Critical Thinking 3 LNG-172
GED 272E Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3 LNG-172
GED 298E Special Topics in Western Culture 3 LNG-172, GED-198E
GED 324E Ethical Reasoning for Today's World 3 LNG-172
GED 140E Social Entrepreneurship 3  
3) Science & Technology Students should take three compulsory courses from the following pool: (9 credits)
BIO 101 Human Biology 3  
SHS 103 Chemistry 3  
ENV 301 Introduction to Environmental Science 3  
4) Social & Culture: Students should take one course (3 credits)
GED 199E UAE Society 3  

Core Requirements

All students in Bachelor of Health Sciences must complete the following 45 credits (15 courses) of health related core courses.

Course # Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite
LNG 173 Professional Communication Skills 3 LNG 172
SHS 102 Healthcare Systems 3  
SHS 111 Fundamentals of Human Systems 3 BIO 101
SHS 207 Library Science and Information Literacy 3 GED 101E
SHS 208 Infectious Diseases 3  
SHS 211 Noninfectious /Chronic diseases 3  
SHS 212 Health Planning 3 SHS 102
SHS 213 Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management 3 HOM 101
SHS 311 Human Resources Management in Healthcare 3 HOM 101
SHS 312 Measuring Performance in Healthcare Organizations 3 SHS 213
SHS 314 Health Economics and Financial Management 3  
SHS 401 Healthcare Ethics 3 81 Cr.H
SHS 402 Performance & Service Improvement in Healthcare 3 SHS 312
SHS 411 Governance and Leadership 3 81 Cr.H
HOM 301 Process Management in Health Services 3 SHS 213

Environmental Health Management Major 42 Credit Hours (14 Courses)

Course # Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite
ENV 302 Environmental Microbiology 3 ENV 301
ENV 303 Entomology and Pest Control 3 SHS 103
ENV 304 Water and Wastewater Quality Control 3 ENV 301
ENV 305 Food Quality and Control 3 ENV 301
ENV 406 Internship: Familiarization with the Industry 3 81 Cr. H
ENV 308 Community Environmental Health 3 ENV 301
ENV 407 Management of Domestic and Hazardous Wastes 3 ENV 304
ENV 408 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3 MTH 195, ENV 301
ENV 409 Marine and Air Pollution 3 ENV 407
ENV 410 Occupational Health and Toxicology 3 ENV 302, 407
ENV 411 Research Study in the Field of Environmental Health 3 81 Cr. H
ENV 415 Seminar 3 81 Cr. H
HIM 301 Health Informatics and Health Statistics 3 MTH 195,GED 101E
HOM 101 Fundamentals of Healthcare Management 3  

Major electives

Student should to select only one course from the list:

Course # Course Title Credit Hours Pre-requisite
HOM 303 Health Education and Promotion 3  
HOM 304 Healthcare operations 3 SHS-213
HOM 408 Health information department management 3 HIM-301
HOM 411 Health care organizations and the accreditation process 3 HOM 311,312