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Associate Degree in Marketing

  •   Associate Degree in Marketing
  •   2 Years (4 semesters)
  •   66 Credit Hours
  •   Fall, Spring and Summer

The Associate Degree in Marketing provides you with the opportunity to develop applied marketing skills within a two year program. The program is designed specifically to develop the knowledge and professional competencies for entry level positions in the sales and marketing fields. Students of the program study general management courses and some applied courses related to selling techniques, advertising and promotion, and professional communications.


Following successful completion of the two-year study program, you can enter the workforce with a fully accredited Associate Degree in Marketing, or elect to transfer your credits to the BBA Marketing program.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Associate Degree in Marketing are qualified to take up positions in a broad range of marketing disciplines. Career opportunities exist in global corporations, government and international agencies, international trade, and international public institutions in roles such as:

  • Marketing and Sales Management
  • Advertising/Promotion and Direct Marketing
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Public Relations
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Purchasing and Distribution Management.