Bachelor of Business Administration in Forensic Accounting

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Bachelor Degree Program
4 Years (8 Semesters)
123 Credit Hours
Fall, Spring and Summer

Canadian University Dubai's BBA in Forensic Accounting will teach you the fundamentals of how to prevent, detect and investigate fraud through industry-relevant core classes plus electives in accounting, criminal justice and information technology.  Key areas of study are forensic investigation, forensic dispute resolution, financial accounting, corporate and criminal law, taxation, managing financial risks, ethics, social responsibility and corporate governance.


For the past 30 years business surveys have found that  fraud is a widespread problem throughout the business world, especially in light of highly publicized financial scandals such as  Enron, Bernie Madoff, WorldCom, HealthSouth, Satyam, Xerox and more.

Leaders in the accounting profession have begun to clamor for forensic accounting education to be given to accounting students and forensic accounting has become one of the hottest career tracks for them. The demand from students for forensic accounting education far exceeds the supply of programs offered by colleges and universities around the world.

Forensic accountants need to possess skills in five critical areas: interrogation and interviewing; evidence sourcing (the proper collection, evaluation, and documentation of evidence); fraudulent financial-statement schemes; legal issues relating to fraud; and computer-fraud techniques, as well as, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and oral and written communication.

In addition, they will acquire investigative flexibility, analytical proficiency, legal knowledge and deductive analysis. Forensic accounting is a demanding profession that promises great rewards for those with an inquisitive mind and attention to detail.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program will be ready for careers as:

  • Law enforcement officers,
  • Treasury agents
  • Governmental auditors
  • Internal auditors
  • Insurance loss prevention specialists,
  • Corporate security specialists
  • Private investigators
  • Fraud control specialists

Program Structure

Program Requirements

Requirements Compulsory
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
University Requirement (UR) 21 6 27
Faculty Requirements (Core) (CR.H) 60 6 66
Concentration (Major) (MJ) 27 3 30
Total 108 15 123

Core Requirements

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
ACT 112 Principles of Accounting I None 3
ACT 212 Principles of Accounting II ACT-112 3
MGT 202 Principles of Management None 3
ECO 222 Principles of Macroeconomics None 3
ECO 221 Principles of Microeconomics None 3
FIN 201 Managerial Finance ACT-112 3
HRM 210 Human Resource Management MGT-202 3
MGT 210 Business Report Writing LNG-172 3
MGT 231 Legal Environment of Business MGT 202, LNG 172 3
MGT 311 Business Research Methods QBA-341 3
MGT 320 Organizational Behavior HRM-210 3
MGT 361 Operations Management QBA-341, MGT-202 3
MGT 405 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility Complete 90 Cr.H 3
MGT 470 Strategic Management HRM-210, ECO-222, ECO-221, FIN-201, MKT-201, MGT-361, +90 Cr.H 3
MKT 201 Principles of Marketing LNG-171 3
QBA 241 Quantitative Business Analysis None 3
QBA 341 Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making QBA-241 3
SWS 351 Management Information Systems GED-101E 3
INB 360 International Business MGT-202 3
MGT 250 Entrepreneurship MGT-202 & GED-140 3


*Students must complete 6 Cr.H (2 Courses)
Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Cr.H
FIN 325 Financial Markets and Institutions ECO-222 3
BUS 205 Social & Digital Media None 3
MGT 310 Tourism Management MGT-202 3
SPT 112 Introduction to Sport Management None 3

Major Requirements

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
ACT 310 Management Accounting ACT-212 3
FIN 310 Corporate Finance FIN-201 3
FIN 320 Financial Statement Analysis FIN-201 3
ACT 325 Forensic Accounting ACT-212  
ACT 330 International Financial Reporting Standards ACT-212 3
ACT 430 Accounting Information Systems ACT-212 3
ACT 450 Auditing ACT-330 3
ACT 451 Professional Auditing Practices ACT-450 3
ACT 455 Fraud Examination ACT-451 3

Major Electives

*Students must complete 3 Cr.H (1 Course)
Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
ACT 315 Digital Forensics ACT-212 & SWS-351 3
ACT 328 Money Laundering ACT-212 3
ACT 335 Advanced Financial Accounting ACT-212 3