Our students and graduates

  • Anastasia


    When it came to the choice of university, for me it was quite clear – it could only be CUD. I am very happy with what I get at CUD – high quality education and friendly and experienced faculty and staff. Moreover, I’ve got lots of new friends and take part in many activities here, which ensure that there is never a dull day. One of the main reasons I chose CUD was the ease with which I can transfer my credits to Canada. I’m still planning to go there and I feel that CUD has given me a good background to succeed there.
  • Ayesha


    After spending five years here, I can safely say that my education has benefited me not only academically but also personally. I chose to study Architecture because I have always been passionate about Arts and Sciences. At the University, Architecture students have their own dedicated building including state of the art studios. As a portal to Canadian Education, Canadian University Dubai always gave me the option of transferring to Canada. The professors here played a major role in my academic success, with their flexible office hours and always being available to help the students. I’m so glad I chose CUD!
  • Dinara


    I have always been interested in both the health and the business aspect of the health industry and I was pleased to discover that CUD offers this unique program. In many developing countries, there is a big shortage of trained personnel to manage the administration of healthcare institutes. After completing my degree from CUD I wish to go back to Azerbaijan and improve the health system in my country. With the expert guidance of my professors here at CUD, I am very confident of fulfilling my ambitions.
  • Diyar Ismailov

    Diyar Ismailov

    I wanted to develop an understanding of how businesses can effectively engage with international markets so that I would be able to add real value to organizations that are seeking to develop globally. I chose Canadian University Dubai because it gave me the opportunity to actually study internationally too, through the Canadian transfer and exchange options.

    The courses are very interesting and the program gives me the opportunity to conduct internships with foreign companies, and multinational corporations. The professors are extremely supportive, as is the whole university atmosphere. For me, Canadian University Dubai provides everything I need for a great university experience.
  • Elizabeth


    I was looking to study a health-related Bachelor degree and CUD was one of the few institutions in the UAE that offered a course like this. The program consists of a good blend of health, business and management-related subjects that makes the degree varied and interesting, while retaining a strong vocational focus. The opportunity to take elective courses allows you to specialize in your area of interest or retain a broad perspective, depending on your own priorities, and the flexible timing of the program is a great help in managing studying alongside family life. Covering all of the important practical aspects of management, applied in the context of health-related services, I think the program is a strong foundation for a career in hospital management or related roles.
  • Eusra Baig

    Eusra Baig

    Project Coordinator, LiveScale
    I worked as an Architect for a boutique consultancy in Dubai, designing high-end residential villas, before moving on to my current project management role.Right from the design studio sessions, to working drawings, to design integration, and courses in project management and BIM, I have always looked back at what I learnt at CUD as a reference point to whatever work I have done in my career. The multi-cultural environment at CUD, be it among the faculty or peers, has helped me in adapting to the very global design scene of the UAE, and honed my skills so as to include this ‘cosmopolitan’ level of thought process in every task that I accomplish.
  • Farah Hamid

    Farah Hamid

    The University offers excellent opportunities for those who are interested in pursuing a degree from an accredited academic institution. What attracted me to CUD was the weekend MBA they offer for students who are not able to attend weekdays classes.

    I choose the MBA program at CUD because I wanted to enhance my knowledge, build my skills, and change my career path. The MBA involved a lot of real life case studies, which prepared me for a managerial position, and made it easier for me to explore options to change the industry of my career. The MBA program at CUD acts as a networking platform where I met students from different backgrounds and cultures, and learned more about their work background and experiences. I am going to miss my friends, teachers, the class environment and the team projects.
  • Indira Adambayeva


    The reason I chose the PR program is that it combines the ability to bring different tools together to solve a problem or address a challenge. I am a problem solver who strives to connect people through my stories. Canadian University of Dubai is an institution that I am proud of, I look forward to giving back to the University and supporting it as a member of the Alumni community. In the future, I aim to work for the government and represent offices abroad, or start-up my own business.
  • Ghassan Joudah

    Ghassan Joudah

    Interior Designer – Team Leader, Adnan Saffarani Engineering Consultancy (E.A.S)
    I work on a wide range of different projects, right from the tender stage to delivering the final design. CUD is the reason why I'm where I am right now. With so many professors from different backgrounds, we were exposed to a great variety of design perspectives, and given the freedom to think, create, and apply these different perspectives in our own designs. CUD provided me with more than just an educated, it instilled discipline, responsibility and a sense of achievement, all of which I realized when I entered the business world and started working for a prestigious company.
  • Hamid Al Rajaby

    Hamid Al Rajaby

    There were a number of options for me when I decided to study HR, but I chose Canadian University Dubai because the reception I received here was unlike any other university I visited. The professors have always gone the extra mile to help us learn and develop the skills that we need to become true professionals in the field.

    As I work full-time, the flexible programming at CUD has allowed me to balance my professional life with my studies, with the added advantage that what I learn in the classroom one day, I can apply in my workplace the next. My ambition is to help drive change in the HR sector in this region and the courses I’ve taken have given me an excellent platform to take on this challenge.
  • Indira Adambayeva

    Indira Adambayeva

    I moved to Canadian University Dubai after attending college in Vancouver and immediately saw parallels in the educational principles and ideologies. The professors are extremely skilled in the field and use their professional experience to relate the theoretical lessons to practical, work-based scenarios.

    The curriculum is both interesting and challenging, and encourages us to express ourselves in different ways, which is important for a career in communications. It is also extremely diverse, offering opportunities to explore entrepreneurship, as well as providing internships with established companies in Dubai.
  • Irshad Jaleel

    Irshad Jaleel

    I chose the Marketing major because I believe that there are huge opportunities in the MENA region for professional marketers in SMEs. The University has a great ambience, and the professors teach you a lot of important, practical skills, as well as academic-related information.

    I have been involved in extracurricular activities, including as President of the Student Marketing Association, and as a member of the basketball team, which have all contributed to prepare me for the workforce. I believe that my education at Canadian University Dubai has helped to develop the leadership skills I will require to become my own boss, and my ambition is to start my own marketing company in the future.
  • Jackson


    Choosing a university to study in is one of the most important decisions in life. I can wisely say that choosing Canadian University Dubai was the right choice for me. Specializing in computer networking at CUD has not only given me hands on experience of current networking technologies, but also its multi-cultural environment has given me better understanding of the human network.
  • Jamal Al Hashimi

    Jamal Al Hashimi

    Systems Specialist, Dubai Police

    I attended CUD while I was working and found it very easy to fit my classes around my work schedule. I gained a lot of experience on the program, which gave me an advantage in the workplace and since graduating I have been able to apply my knowledge and skills and achieve recognition among my colleagues. The University has a warm and friendly environment and is welcoming to anyone who is genuinely interested in a fulfilling education. The faculty members are always eager to help and lead you in the right direction towards achieving your goals.
  • Jude Kanawati

    Jude Kanawati

    I feel happy and lucky to have received the Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, as well as holding the merit degree (Cum Laude) from Canadian University Dubai.
    My years as an undergraduate student at CUD, majoring in Communications and Media Studies, gave me direction for my future. Thanks to my professors and friends who supported me along the way, my ability to communicate became stronger and more expressive. I chose CUD partly because of its unique location in the heart of Dubai, and on joining , I realized that my journey began here, leading to many open doors in the future. I met many inspiring people during this journey and learnt from them.