Book Launch

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is honoured to host, and invite you to the

“Book Launch” 

Proudly authored by two of CUD’s Professors

Thursday | February 9th, 2023 | 1:30pm – 3:00pm | CUD HUB, Atrium

The event will also be attended by students from Belgium, visiting CUD on an International Logistics Project. 

Authored by Dr. Ettiene Paul Hoffman “Coaching Reflections Within an Expatriate Context: A UAE Business Case : Think Big, Act Responsibly, Fail Fast, Learn Swiftly”

What makes expatriate workplaces challenging? Expatriate environments can be unpredictable, unclear, complex, and confusing. Navigating such an environment effectively can reveal unforeseen difficulties. By addressing these issues, the Author reveals useful insights. Coaching Reflections Within an Expatriate Context: A UAE Business Case to pursue Sustainable Growth provides the building blocks for efficiency and effectiveness in an expatriate environment. It is a practical workbook that focuses on Management Coaching and can apply to develop content and context to combat the vicissitudes of expatriate workplaces. The workbook includes several managerial frameworks that can be applied in conjunction with effective Business and Performance Coaching. Furthermore, the workbook includes an actual Business Case study to highlight key learnings to drive sustainable organizational growth. Two actual coaching cases conducted by the Author supplement the case study. The sixteen coaching sessions demonstrate how coaching can support effectiveness, personal development, and organizational performance in an expatriate setting. As a result, management coaching can provide structure and strategy for both personal and organizational development.  Click here to be one of the first to read a copy. 


Authored by Dr. Rommel Sergio “Unbroken: Trials to Triumph: The Making of a Community Leader” 

At first glance, the reader might think that this is yet another book of a personal journey. Indeed, it is a record of real-life events that shaped the author's life in a way that is relevant to the world of community leadership. What makes this book unique, however, is that it started to take shape during a global pandemic - an uncertain time when people somehow knew they would never be the same again. While the effects of the last few years are still being felt, the author, by telling his story, offers hope through a series of life lessons, all stemming from the distillation of his adventures. He has narrated what he calls "trials" and "triumphs" and described in detail the particular set of travails that he faced very early on in life. He has used these experiences to inculcate values we all could learn from.  The author invites readers from all walks of life to travel with him on this journey, not only back in time but also forward, into the future. Forearmed with courage and fortitude, and with hope as our greatest ally, we could all, by engaging more with the community, live a life of service to humanity - a life of self-actualization.  Click here to be one of the first to read a copy.

09-02-2023 13:30 PM — 09-02-2023 15:00 PM