CUDReads Virtual Lecture: ‘The Mother of Tales: Radwa Ashour's Quest for Remembering’

We invite you to attend CUDReads virtual lecture titled 'The Mother of Tales: Radwa Ashour's Quest for Remembering’

This lecture will examine Radwa Ashour’s works as a representation of Trauma and a narrative of Memory. Her work Granada: A Novel is the corner stone for her life-time project on collective memory and public remembering. This analysis will focus on Ashour’s alternative approach to trauma in which resilient remembering takes prominence over the will to forget or the tendency to supress histories of trauma. Through a comprehensive reading of her works, the lecture will demonstrate how the author actualized her relationship with memory and trauma by claiming her position as one at the centre, not the margin, of history.

Guest speaker: Ahlam Mustafa, Doctoral Researcher, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

Ahlam Mustafa holds a PhD in Memory Studies with a focus on decolonial approaches to memory and trauma. She uses transdisciplinary approaches combining cultural studies, social theory, political sciences, and historiography. She is currently working on topics including but not limited to: Collective memory and populism, historical traumas, Muslims in Australia, victimhood, traumas, discrimination, political identity and belonging.

Event moderator: Shatha Alzarouni, CUD Communication & Media senior student and Author (known as Daawy)

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15-04-2021 12:00 PM
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