Registration and Advising Week | August 22 - 28

Fall 2021 is just around the corner! Registration and Advising Week starts today.

Complete your registration before the first day of classes on August 29, 2021 to reserve a spot in your course and avoid the late registration penalty.

All students are encouraged to contact their Academic Advisers before registering for classes. Students with a clear status may register without prior advising using the Online Registration Service on the Student Portal. Students with probational status must be advised by their Academic Advisor before registering.

If you are unaware of your assigned Academic Advisor, please consult the ‘Grades’ section on the Student Portal or contact your Academic Department.

Should you have any questions regarding the payment, please email us at or write to for any registration related questions.

Fall 2021 Study Scholarship

We remind you that you can receive a 10%* fee reduction across all Undergraduate and Graduate programs for Fall 2021 semester. Last day to avail the 10% Study Scholarship is Saturday, August 28, 2021

*Terms and conditions apply

22-08-2021 09:00 AM — 28-08-2021 18:00 PM