Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

CUD Sets New Standards in Innovation

CUD Sets New Standards in Innovation

Canadian University Dubai’s Innovation, Creativity and Excellence Club hosted an Innovation Day where students from the Faculties of Engineering and Architecture & Interior Design displayed their projects

High School Students visit Architecture and Interior Design Action Day

High School Students visit Architecture and Interior Design Action Day

Over forty students from High Schools throughout the UAE attended an Action Day held by the Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design

ASCC Attends Successful Interior Design Competition at CUD

ASCC Attends Successful Interior Design Competition at CUD

Students from the American School of Creative Science took part in an exciting interior design competition

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture is a highly innovative, multi-disciplinary faculty that combines academic specialists with state-of-the-art facilities in both the engineering and architecture fields. From day one, students are encouraged to be creative, innovative and self-starting in their chosen discipline.

The Faculty offers a wide range of dynamic, technology-driven programs and collaborates with a number of international partners, both in the delivery of its curriculum and in its pursuit of first-class research. Students graduating from this Faculty have gone on to further their studies in Canada, or take on challenging and rewarding roles in industry, both locally and internationally.

The Faculty has four departments, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computational Sciences, Architecture and Interior Design.

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture will be launching very shortly a new state-of-the-art Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical Engineering with concentrations in Electronics, Mechatronics and Telecommunications (to be approved by the UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs). This new program will complement the well-established existing programs (BSc in Telecommunication Engineering, BSc in Network Engineering, and Bachelor in Computing and Network Engineering Technology). The Faculty is also currently developing a new exchange BSc degree program in computing with the prestigious Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario), with specializations in General Computing, Biomedical Computing, and Software Design.

The Faculty offers two of the best Bachelor degree programs in Architecture and Interior Design in the GCC. The Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year terminal degree program forming graduates poised to fulfill local professional registration while matching licensing requirements of international associations of architecture. The BSc in Interior Design has a marked emphasis on creativity and problem solving in conjunction with adaptability, rationality and accountability in design thinking. Both programs are benchmarked against Canadian and American standards. The Faculty plans to offer in the near future a 4-year BSc degree program in Architecture followed by a Master of Science (MSc) in Architecture – Urban Planning.

As a student, you will choose Engineering, Architecture or Interior Design at CUD for the exceptional opportunities they offer to continue your university studies in one of our Canadian partner institutions. You will experience a learning environment where the quality of interaction between student and professor is a top priority, coupled with excellence in instruction, mastery of state-of-the art technologies and the opportunity for work placement (internships) and undergraduate research.

We make sure that our students are trained to “hit the ground running” when they join the workplace. That is why we provide them with intensive hands-on training in our Engineering labs or in our Architecture and Interior Design studios.

Last but not least, our best students have the unique opportunity to engage in research with our top researchers as undergraduate students. This is not possible in other institutions where only graduate students are entitled to research training. This clearly gives our students the head-start in building their research/creative activity portfolio and positions them strongly for future graduate studies.

If you want an education grounded in the Canadian principles of excellence, creativity, originality and out-of-the-box thinking, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture at CUD is where your career starts! We would be delighted to tell you more about our programs and campus. Please contact DeanFEA@cud.ac.ae for more information or for a visit to our Dubai Downtown Campus!