Graduation Fair 2021

As eligible participants of the 2021 Graduation Ceremony, you can purchase multiple packages CUD has to offer. As mentioned below, Item 1 is mandatory in order to graduate and Item 2 is mandatory if you wish to participate in the ceremony. All other memorabilia items are optional.

Items Academic
Item 1 Application to Graduate
Mandatory in order to graduate
Items Selling Price
(AED with VAT)
Item 2 Ceremony Participation Fee
Includes ceremony participation, gown, hat and hood. (Mandatory if attending ceremony).
Item 3 Graduation Portrait (softcopy will be sent to your student email)
All pictures taken during studio appointment.
Item 4 Ceremony Photos (softcopy will be sent to your student email)
All photos taken during the graduation ceremony of you on the stage.
Item 5 Ceremony Film HD Quality (Download link will be sent to your student email)
Video of entire graduation ceremony.
Item 6 Luxury Velvet Diploma Cover
Option to choose between red or white luxury velvet diploma cover.
Item 7 Name Plate
Customized name plate in English or Arabic for your diploma cover.
Item 8 Personalized Frame
Personalized frame with an image of your choice. Your screen photo displayed at the ceremony.
Starting from
Item 9 Graduation Album
Customized special package.