LRC Databases

Has a comprehensive content with full text access on journals from business press, key trade publications, dissertations, conference proceedings, and market reports. From 1971 to current. Full text.

Provide information on regional business news and analysis on market and companies. Local/Regional publications. Full text

Comprehensive database on business and financial information that includes Economic conditions, corporate strategies, management theory, management techniques, business trends, competitive landscape and product information, accounting, finance. Full text.

Banks, Banking industry, Banking law, Finance, Financial institutions, Financial services industry

The Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Database includes the renowned Aerospace Database and provides full-text titles from around the world, including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, and government publications.

This database contains the leading agricultural journals published in North America. ProQuest Agriculture Journals offers the complete text as well as complete images from such journals as Agricultural Research, Forest Products Journal, Journal of Animal Science, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation and Plant Physiology. 

Website sponsored by the American Psychological Association with FAQs and quick answers.

Covers a broad range of related subjects, from fine, decorative and commercial art, to various areas of architecture and architectural design. Providing over 600 full-text journals, more than 220 full-text books, and a collection of over 63,0000 images, it is designed for use by a diverse audience, including art scholars, artists, designers, students and general researchers.


This database features hundreds of titles covering Art, Architecture, Design, History, Philosophy, Music, Literature, Theatre and Cultural Studies.

Provides a full Catalogue of Evaluation Reports comprising of the following: Technical Assistance Performance Evaluation Reports, Project/Program Performance Evaluation Reports, Special Evaluation Studies, Assessments of Development Impact, Impact Evaluation Studies, Sector Assistance Program Evaluations, Country Assistance Program Evaluations, and Annual Evaluation Reports. Free Access.

This database includes ongoing full-text academic journals published in Australia and New Zealand. 

Offer top-line international market research overviews focusing on 40+ industries in more than 40 countries worldwide, including regional summaries. It provides market size, share, forecasts and segments.

Includes Full text. Provide information on country economic data, company profiles, industry information, market research and business videos. 

Full text of management journals including Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Journal, and the Journal of Marketing.

Indexing and abstracts for the most important business journals dating back to 1886. Provides company information for more than 1.1 million of the world’s largest public and private companies. Access to over 70,000 videos from the Associated Press from 1930 - present on a wide variety of business topics. 

Full text and indexed content from all four CBCA database subsets (Business, Current Events, Education, and Reference). With over 4.5 million records and more than 1,665 titles, CBCA Complete is ideal for anyone interested in current events, business, science, the arts, and academic information as produced in Canada.

Focuses on science and technology periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues.

Access to new information on Canadian News. Back file as far as 1970's to 1980's.

Deliver more than 700 full-text magazine, journal, and trade titles addressing all aspects of career studies.

A definitive source for vocational information focused on business.

This database is the definitive source for vocational information focused on the arts.

A definitive source for vocational information focused on science and technology.

Index and abstracts of over 570 journals. Issue date back as 1915. Cover issues related to communication and mass media.

A resource for those who need access to comprehensive coverage of computer topics. The database includes numerous titles, most of them in full text, allowing users to search records dating back to the early 1990's.

Cover an enormous range of subjects of value in the public library context - from sports injuries to women's health, from food and nutrition to midwifery, from eye care to dentistry. It includes important general medical journals such as The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine as well as a strong selection of consumer and news magazines.

This database includes ongoing full-text academic journals published in certain European countries.