CUD Architecture and Interior Design Students Shine at COP28 Global Forum


A Sustainable Vision in Housing Solutions 

December 8th, 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Demonstrating impressive innovation and a commitment to sustainability, students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) were selected to present their projects at the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) event, hosted by the UAE’s Dubai Municipality. The projects conceptualized sustainable housing solutions for Emirati families.  

The designs, developed by second-year students from CUD’s School of Architecture and Interior Design, Yasmin Helmy and Mohammed Al Subousi, provided a window into the incredible potential for modern living spaces that honour traditional values and prioritize sustainability. This opportunity for CUD’s students to participate in a Global Forum such as COP28 highlights CUD’s commitment in shaping future leaders who appreciate the UAE’s cultural heritage, and are mindful of the impact of ecological footprinting. 

Dr. Maha Salman, Head of the Department of Interior Design, elaborated about the students' involvement: "Dubai Municipality reached out with an engaging proposal to collaborate in their COP28 booth by showcasing our students' projects. They were specifically interested in those that focus on diverse aspects of sustainability." She highlighted the meticulous process through which the students, designed a sustainable house model tailored to the evolving needs of an Emirati family, by integrating lifestyle, culture, and ecological factors.  

Dr. Maha explained the parameters set for the house design: "The designated plot was only 15 by 30 meters, which was a limitation. Our students strategically incorporated local materials and products, respected cultural norms, and addressed environmental considerations, such as solar trajectories and indigenous flora to create a design that was both contextually relevant and sustainable.” 

These projects, Dr. Maha noted, were not only submitted as part of the academic curriculum, but also chosen by Dubai Municipality among other university projects to be presented at COP28.  CUD commends the students for their participation in COP28, marking a significant milestone in their academic and professional journeys.