CUD Celebrates International Cultural Day: A Vibrant Gathering of Global Cultures and Traditions

February 29th, 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) celebrated International Cultural Day, showcasing the rich diversity of over 30 nations. The event was aimed at promoting unity, featured vibrant cultural performances, exquisite food tastings, and interactive booths.

"Experiencing different cultures and vibes with friends is the best part," said Mina Williams, a student at CUD. "The singing and dancing really bring people together." 

The campus was alive with students proudly representing their countries through captivating performances and offering a taste of international cuisines. Interactive booths provided a glimpse into various traditions and customs, fostering a dynamic exchange of cultural experiences. 

"Dancing for India was a lot of fun," shared Yash Ruchandani, another student. "I learned a lot about different cultures, their attire, and cuisine. It was a fantastic experience." 

The CUD Hub transformed into a hub of diversity, with the main stage featuring talents from countries like Egypt, India, Palestine, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Syria, and Lebanon, mesmerizing the audience. 

"My favorite part was seeing people happy and proud of their culture," said another enthusiastic student, Yasmine Sadek. "Having everyone together for this occasion was a delightful change." 

International Cultural Day at CUD was an outstanding success, uniting the community in celebration of diverse cultural expressions. Students left with a renewed sense of global unity, enriched by the diverse performances and flavours that characterized the day.