CUD Graduates Redefine Logistics Landscape with Automyze Fulfillment Center


September 5th, 2023, Dubai, UAE: In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, two graduates of Canadian University Dubai (CUD), Mr. Muhammad Manji and Mr. Danish Nanji, are the visionary minds behind the thriving 'Automyze Fulfillment Center'. Automyze offers one-stop comprehensive logistics solutions to small and medium-sized e-commerce brands pursuing efficient warehousing and logistics services in the United Arab Emirates. Founder & CEO of Automyze, Mr. Muhammad Manji, a BBA in E-Business graduate from CUD, and Head of Operations of Automyze, Mr. Danish Nanji, from CUD's BBA in International Business, are expanding the enterprise, one order at a time. 

Early Beginnings and Dynamic Paths

Muhammad’s journey began as one of the first 500 students at CUD in 2007. While he wasn't inherently studious, he was always passionate about entrepreneurship. Balancing a full-time real estate job and his love for video editing, his early years were a blend of creativity and innovative ventures. After a move to Canada, he found his true calling in supply chain and logistics, ultimately leading to the establishment of ‘Automyze Fulfillment Center’ after returning to Dubai.

Danish’s pathways have been equally unconventional, as he initially left a program at another institution to explore work opportunities. However, his journey led him to, a startup where his dedication caught the eye of his superiors, who convinced him to pursue higher education alongside his job. CUD's flexible study schedule allowed him to work full-time and study, simultaneously.

The CUD Connection

After completing his degree, Muhammad set up a live t-shirt printing station at CUD in 2017 to celebrate Canada Day 150, marking the start of his entrepreneurial journey. Danish, on the other hand, recommenced his education at CUD while continuing his full-time job. Both graduates attribute their success to CUD's unique educational platform. While Muhammad’s e-business program equipped him with the fundamentals of online enterprises, Danish found CUD's flexible schedule indispensable in striking a balance between work, study, and personal life. 

As a CUD student, Danish's participation in the 2019 International Logistics Program (ILP) was transformative, deepening his understanding of logistics and supply chain management. Engaging with universities in Germany and France alongside CUD, he gained valuable insights through enlightening site visits and programs. Exploring case studies, notably Amazon's European logistics network, expanded his perspectives. The ILP highlighted the significance of customer service in manufacturing, inspired by esteemed brands like Porsche. Danish's travel to logistics hubs and ports in France and Germany heightened his global logistics awareness, promoting sustainability and aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Shaping the Automyze Vision

Automyze began in 2017 with a modest 3,000-square-foot warehouse. Their growth, fuelled by word-of-mouth and exceptional service, led to a substantial organic expansion in 2022. Their services, spanning e-commerce fulfillment, retail fulfillment, and marketplace fulfillment (including to Amazon), empower SMEs to focus on growth while outsourcing logistics to Automyze. Both entrepreneurs acknowledge the current trend as e-commerce and retail converge, seeing an era of increased customer demand for personalization and sustainability.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Muhammad offers a trio of guiding principles from Ali Abdaal: "Get started, get good, get smart." His advice highlights the importance of starting the entrepreneurial journey, even in the absence of ample resources, persistently improving, and gaining knowledge to navigate the complex world of business.

Danish reiterates that: “My time at CUD was a balancing act between full-time work and studies. While my work schedule somewhat limited my involvement in campus life, I urge fellow students to seize every opportunity. Engaging in social activities, clubs, and diverse groups is a chance to learn, network, and grow. Remember, the classroom isn't the only place for education – soft skills and networks developed through experiences are priceless assets in the business world."

The Automyze Legacy

Automyze Fulfillment Center stands as a testament to the spirit of innovation and collaboration. With a pursuit of growth, a commitment to quality, and a foundation rooted in their CUD experiences, Muhammad and Danish are redefining the e-commerce landscape in the UAE and beyond. They prioritize sustainable expansion and remain committed to their true core values. The team passionately pursues order fulfillment, one order at a time!