CUD Interior Design student wins first prize in ‘Urban Thinkers’ competition

Interior Design course students attended the international 'Urban Thinkers' seminar, hosted by Driven Properties, in conjunction with FIABCI worldwide and the United Nations.

The six participating students had worked on their projects as part of INDE 330 ‘Residential Design’ course delivered by Ms. Sophie Johnson. The students were asked to present their housing solutions, which could improve lifestyles in Dubai. Amina Asfah’s Biophilic Solution was awarded 1st place.

Amina is a third year Interior Design student, whose winning entry was a project for INDE 330 Residential Design course themed ‘Next Generation Housing: Transformable Living’. The brief was to design a double occupancy compact live-work unit with a total area of around 60 square meters. Live-work units are accommodations with designed-in work facilities. This form of housing is designed to allow residents to run a business from home.

Each student chose a different approach to the problem. With subtle elements of vernacular design, Amina’s project was based on biophilic approach, providing solutions for water recycling and ventilation system, which were included in the space plan. To ensure residential privacy, Amina also designed a mezzanine area. While working on a contemporary colour palette, she also produced locally sourced finishing materials.

The students did a great job balancing living and working conditions within an urban housing unit using transformable interiors where possible.