CUD Partners with Global University Systems Canada to Create Pathways to Medical Schools

This ground-breaking partnership provides BSc in Public Health graduates with direct entry to one of three North American medical schools

June 19th, 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE):  Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has signed a ground-breaking agreement with Global University Systems Canada, to provide our BSc in Public Health graduates a direct pathway to enter one of three medical schools in North America— Saba University School of Medicine (SABA), Medical University of the Americas (MUA), or St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine (SMU). This is a first-of-its kind partnership in the UAE and MENA region. 

Following a comprehensive mapping exercise, CUD’s BSc in Public Health programs were found to be aligned with the three schools’ requirements for pre-medicine education. As part of the agreement, eligible graduates can qualify for scholarship awards from 25,000 USD up to 93,000 USD. Students will undertake a four-year program from foundation studies through to hospital practice, ultimately earning them medical residencies in North America.

The collaboration was formalized with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between University Chancellor, Mr. Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, and Ms. Cyndi McLeod, CEO of Global University Systems Canada. The ceremony was held in the presence of Prof. Karim Chelli, President and Vice Chancellor of CUD, Chuck Furey, Executive Vice President of Global University Systems Canada, university faculty, staff, and invited guests in attendance.

Following the signing ceremony, Ms. McLeod commented, “This is a landmark partnership that will contribute to increasing the capacity of the medical profession across the globe. There is currently a worldwide shortage of over 7 million healthcare workers, and this deficit is expected to increase in the coming years. By providing Canadian University Dubai Public Health graduates with this seamless pathway to complete their medical studies in North America, we are supporting the growth of the next generation of qualified physicians. Wherever they choose to practice, they will have a vital role to play in building the future of global healthcare.”  

The three participating medical schools are renowned for their academic and accreditation excellence, small class sizes, and hands-on experiential learning which are crucial for the employability of medical school graduates. MUA is renowned for providing education on par with US and Canadian medical schools, while SMU School of Medicine has a track record of providing quality, affordable medical and veterinary education for over 25 years. Saba University School of Medicine is accredited by the Netherlands, making it the only medical school in the Caribbean to hold European accreditation.

The institutions have extensive partnerships with hospitals throughout the US and Canada, approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, supporting clinical rotations and medical residencies. Following their graduation from medical school, the residency phase will provide students with further specialized training in their chosen medical field in the US or Canada. 

Creating an accessible and affordable route for students aspiring to join medical schools, this agreement is a unique addition to CUD’s portfolio of pathways to North American education. Leading the development of the agreement, Dr. Aseel Takshe, Chair of Department and Associate Professor in Public Health, said, “This partnership will prepare our students to make a difference in improving patient outcomes. We need more guardians of health especially doctors who are at the forefront of healthcare. Through this partnership, CUD shows commitment to the ‘We the UAE 2031 vision’ which aims to accelerate the growth in healthcare, sustainability, and other sectors.”

With the agreement set for an initial five-year period, students enrolling in BSc in Public Health programs this upcoming academic year will have the opportunity to pursue medical studies in North America.

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