CUD students win second place at IEEE Engineering Design Competition 2019

April 27th, 2019: Students from the Department of Engineering took part in the annual Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Day held in the American University of Ras Al Khaimah.

Following on from their successes in the recent 4th IET GCC Robotics Challenge, twenty three of our students participated in the IEEE Student Day Competitions. Our students entered eight categories and Abdullrahman Alahmar and Nahif Ebrahim took second place in the Engineering Design Project Competition.

Under the supervision Dr. Ahmed Al-Gindy, Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering the students enjoyed a day of intense competition and comradeship.

Speaking after the event, Dr. Al-Gindy praised the students for their efforts and said he was pleased to see their hard work during the year being recognised in this way. He added, ”CUD’s  IEEE Student Branch is one of the most active in the region. They are forward looking and are enthusiastic about representing their discipline and testing their skills against their peers in other universities. Achieving recognition in the Engineering Design Competition is a fitting tribute to their enthusiasm.”

The Department of Engineering is already planning for next year when they are confident that the profile of CUD will reach even higher levels.