CUD’s Concert Series |‘Romanza’


Canadian University Dubai (CUD) was delighted to host the first of the conglomeration of Concert Series ‘The Interplay Between West-East:  Romanza’ on October 20, 2022, in collaboration with the Canadian Council – to promote arts, music and culture in Dubai, UAE.

The concert series initiatives, instituted by Ms. Sanaz Sotoudeh, Pianist & Professor at CUD, invites musicians and artists from all over the world to perform within the well-located and avant-garde campus of CUD.  The uplifting orchestrated series of concerts forms a part of the creative project initiatives and studies for CUD’s students in Music, Faculty of Communication, Arts & Sciences – where students learn the practical application of music in an event setting. 

“Music is a universal language.” Sanaz Sotoudeh, Pianist & Professor at CUD.

Guests of honour at the first of the concert series: ‘Romanza’ included award-winning violinist Klaudia Olborska Szymańska, Violinist & Professor from New York University, Abu Dhabi and Ms. Sanaz Sotoudeh, Pianist & Professor, Canadian University Dubai.

The event was appreciated by dignitaries and distinguished guests, together with 100+ CUD students from the Faculty of Communication, Arts & Sciences.

“The adoring music from the piano and violin made me feel like I had wings and could fly.”  Mariam Haider, Marketing & Communications, CUD.

CUD enthusiastically anticipates hosting the upcoming series of concerts throughout 2022.