Scholarly Showcase: Advancing Sustainability through Groundbreaking Research

March 8th, 2024, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The pursuit of sustainability and corporate responsibility is a complex challenge that demands innovative solutions. In this scholarly showcase, we at Canadian University Dubai (CUD), want to spotlight a series of research studies, that explore the intricate relationship between business practices and global sustainability issues. These three studies, conducted by faculty members from CUD and their international research networks, provide valuable insights for scholars, policymakers, and business leaders alike.

The first notable study, by CUD’s VP of Academic Affairs, Dr. Dima Jamali alongside colleagues Dr. Ahmad, Dr. Aboelmaged, and Dr. Usman (2024) examines, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices of leading companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and around the world. By analyzing the content of annual CSR reports from 50 companies, including 25 based in the UAE, the researchers shed light on how priorities, government influence, and reporting standards shape CSR efforts. Their findings offer guidance for companies navigating the complexities of CSR, highlighting the importance of aligning philanthropic initiatives with global norms. 

Another significant contribution comes from CUD’s Dr. Davide Contu, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs at the School of Management, alongside peers Dr. Vlasceanu, Dr. Doell, Dr. Bak-Coleman, and others (2024). The study explores various strategies for influencing public perceptions and behaviours regarding climate change. Utilizing data from surveys conducted in 63 countries, their study reveals the effectiveness of different approaches in driving action. The results underscore the need for tailored communication strategies that consider audience demographics and emotional responses to effectively address the global challenge of climate change.  

Additionally, Dr. Qian Long Kweh, Professor and Dean of Research and Innovation at CUD’s School of Management, alongside Dr. Lu, Dr. Ting, and Dr. Ren (2023), investigate the relationship between environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance and business efficiency. Focusing on companies in Apple's supply chain from 2016 to 2020, their research demonstrates that eco-friendly practices can provide a competitive advantage and that overall ESG ratings positively impact business performance. This study offers valuable insights for companies striving to achieve their sustainable development goals by highlighting the critical role of environmental and social factors in ESG initiatives. 

Through rigorous empirical analysis and methodological rigour, these studies contribute to the ongoing academic discourse on sustainability and corporate responsibility. By linking their findings to broader global challenges and opportunities, the researchers aim to foster a constructive dialogue and collaborative efforts toward a more sustainable future for all. As we continue to explore the frontiers of sustainability research, we invite you to join us in our commitment to advancing sustainability through scholarly endeavours. 

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