Afrina Beaty Club

Afrina Beaty Club
  • 25% for all services in Afrina Beaty Club
  • Henna Center branches


Umm Sequim rd, Al Barsha 2

Terms and Conditions
  • Any family member who carry ID card can benefit from this card
  • In any branches from Afrina Beaty, Henna Centres, Afrina Beaty Club
  • Validity 1 to 2 years Renewable
Special service package
Afrina Beaty

You can choose 4 services by for 250 Dhs.

  1. Manicure
  2. Pedicure
  3. Hair Special Treatment
  4. Blow dry
  5. Relaxing massage 30min
  6. Full arm waxing
  7. Full leg waxing
  8. Face mask special
  9. Hair cut
  10. Henna hand
Group Privilege