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  •   16 Mar 2019 (Sat)

6 Saturdays version

6 Saturdays, starting from 2019/03/16 from 10:00 to 17:00
(including a lunch break)

Day 1 - Terminal

Thanks to almost all fictional characters in CIA movies which are using it to do wild and fake stuff, the terminal might be the scariest application on your computer right now, but the end of this course, you'll better understand:

  • why the terminal is important
  • what you can do with it
  • how to avoid messy situations (hint: you'll be fine!)
  • how to run useful commands for everyday situations and developer careers!

Yes, you can use Terminal and the command line for powerful operations, but you can also use it for simple tasks like listing the contents of a folder.


  1. Discover Terminal
  2. “Where am I?” in my computer
  3. Navigate your system
  4. User shortcuts to be more efficient
  5. Create your first directory
  6. Create files via command line
  7. Move and copy items in your system
  8. Find content in your system

Day 2 - Shell Scripts

You just discovered what is the terminal, it’s time to go to the next step: writing your first program in shell. The target is to let you use the previous commands, and create a complete workflow.


  1. What are the shells?
  2. Setup a new shell
  3. Write, execute and debug your first script
  4. Create your own command
  5. Display and manipulate variables
  6. Conditions
  7. Loops

Day 3 - Introduction to Python

Python is a very simple language, and has a very straightforward syntax. It encourages programmers to program without boilerplate (prepared) code.


  1. Hello world
  2. Variable and types
  3. Lists
  4. Basic Operators

Day 4 - Handle the Reptile

You have discovered the basic of Python, it’s time to go to the next step.


  1. String formatting
  2. Conditions
  3. Loops
  4. Functions

Day 5 - Conquer the world

You know all the basics of Python, it’s time to connect yourself to the world. You will learn how to control the web with Python


  1. Modules and packages
  2. Requests
  3. Web Scraping
  4. Web Crawling
  5. APIs

Day 6 - Competition

During this last day, we are going to summarize all the knowledge that you have learned, and exploit it in a competition.

Meet the Instructors

Loïc Tosser

C-level System Engineer, between Development, Q&A and Operations. Powerlifter and artificial intelligence addict.

Pierre Guillemot

Software engineer with years of experience scattered on 3 continents, Augmented Reality enthusiast and avid reader.