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Bachelor of Tourism Studies Degree Program
4 Years (8 Semesters)
123 Credit Hours
Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

Program overview

Are you a people’s person? A team player? A dreamer and problem solver? Are you eager to make people’s special occasions, meetings, travels, parties, and concerts unforgettable? Do you dream of eventually being an entrepreneur? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, CUD’s BBA in Events and Tourism Management is for you. The program provides a getaway to an exciting career in a globally booming sector. It offers the best assets of two professional dimensions – a solid foundation in business studies, combined with specialist knowledge and hands-on experience in an exciting global industry.

With a curriculum that mirrors all CUD BBA programs in the first two years, you will develop a critical understanding across the whole spectrum of business functions, including management, economics, accounting, finance, marketing, and human resource management. These skills will enable you to pursue a graduate career in any commercial sector. In the third and fourth years, the core and elective courses of the Events and Tourism specialization will equip you with in-depth knowledge in a wide range of relevant disciplines, from tourism and hospitality management to events marketing.

What CUD has to offer you

As the sixth most visited city in the world and a growing international hub for business and recreational events, Dubai needs a strong supply of well-trained, highly skilled and creative individuals. Through the BBA in Events and Tourism Management you will learn how to operate effectively in this attractive, fast-paced business context, and you will be prepared for professional practice in your chosen field. From hospitality, entertainment, arts and sports, to congresses, conventions, fairs and trade exhibitions, the possibilities are endless.

Graduate careers

As Dubai aims to grow its visitors to 20 million a year, graduates of the BBA in Events and Tourism Management will be in high demand to fill lucrative positions in a range of sector organizations, including:

  • Tourism Organizations (Public and Private)
  • Event Management Agencies
  • Travel Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Tour Operations
  • Golf and Polo Clubs
  • International Airlines
  • Renowned Hotels and Restaurants

Program Structure

Program Requirements

Requirements Compulsory
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
University Requirement (UR) 21 6 27
Faculty Requirements (Core) (CR.H) 60 6 66
Concentration (Major) (MJ) 27 3 30
Total 108 15 123

Major Requirements

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
ETM 200 Tourism & Hospitality Management LNG-172 & MGT-202 3
MKT 208 Consumer Behavior MKT-201 3
ETM 300 Events Management ETM-200 3
ETM 310 Recreation and Tourism ETM-200 3
ETM 320 Festivals Management ETM-300, MGT-210 3
ETM 410 Events Marketing MKT-201 and/ETM-300/MKT-310/MKT-208 3
ETM 415 Tourism Destination ETM-200, MGT-210 3
ETM 420 Sustainable Tourism Development ETM-410 3
BUS 400 Internship 90 Cr.H+ Min CGPA 2.0 3

Major Electives

*Students must complete 3 Cr.H (1 Course)
Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
ETM 315 Meetings Incentive Conferences and Events (MICE) Management ETM-320 3
ETM 330 Medical & Wellness Tourism ETM-200 3
ETM 430 Resort and Hotel Facilities ETM-310 3