Robotic Challenge


Building on the success of the Canadian University Dubai Robotics Club, the University is launching a robotic competitionthat will take place on campus every semester.

We encourage CUD students or anyone who would like to participate to sign-up for this event. For registration contact:

This year the competitions will consist of three challenges (see below for further details).

Competition rules

  • Teams should have a maximum of four members.
  • The robot dimensions should not exceed 30cm x 30cm x 30cm.
  • Participants are not allowed to remotely control the robots (except in the rounds that ask for it), as the robots should be pre-programed.
  • Participants are not allowed to touch the robots during the challenges.
  • The robots should not cause any damage to the arena or the obstacles.


Participants will be given 90 minutes before the event to build and program their robots, in addition, they will be given 10 minutes between rounds to rebuild the robot or reprogram it. Making any changes is forbidden after the 10minutes.

All the teams will have to complete the following rounds

Round 1: The Line Follower

The robot has to follow a colored line of 1cm width. If the robot goes outside of line it should return back from the same place. The round has to be completed in less than four minutes. The robot with the fastest time wins the round.

Scoring system

First 5 points
Second 4 points
All other completers 3 points

In case of failure to complete in the allocated time,no points will be awarded.
Preparation Time - 90 minutes.

Round 2: Moving Objects

This is a remote controlled round where contestants must move objects from the starting square to the end square;where the object must fully enter the square. The robot will have to bypass a small bump to be able to cross to other side.

Scoring system

Teams will be given 6 minutes to complete the challenge. For each object moved, the team will gain 1.5 points. However, the fastest two teams to complete the round will gain extra points as follows:

First 2 points
Second 1 point

Preparation time- 10 minutes.

Round 3: Sumo

This round is a remote controlled challenge where a robot fights against another robot.

Scoring system

A robot will be out if it goes out of the ring or if the robot stops moving.

First 2 points
Second 1 point

Preparation time- 10 minutes.