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Graduation 2018

As a member of the class of 2018, you will share in a momentous occasion for Canadian University Dubai (CUD), as we celebrate our 12th year.

In 2006, we opened our doors to 29 students studying undergraduate programs in Business. Ten years on, and CUD is now at the forefront of developing the UAE’s knowledge economy. We have more than 2,500 students benefitting from Canadian perspectives in education across seven academic Schools.

Since our first graduation ceremony in 2011, we have taken great pride in the achievements of our graduates. With qualifications that are grounded in world-leading educational practices, they are putting their skills and experience to work as leading officials, researchers, business professions and entrepreneurs across Dubai, the UAE and beyond.

As you graduate you will become a member of this elite group – the CUD alumni community – a global network with over 2,500 members. We hope that you will join us as we celebrate your achievement and those of the whole University community in reaching this significant milestone.

Graduation Ceremony Details

Date TBA
Venue TBA
Mandatory Rehearsal TBA
Be at Graduation Venue TBA
Assemble for Procession TBA
Ceremony TBA

How do I apply to participate in the graduation ceremony?

  • Please refer to the email that has been sent to all students who are eligible to participate in the ceremony. This email has been sent to your CUD student email only!
  • In the email you will find details and a video link that you can follow to learn about making your appointment with the Registration Team to check your academic progression and ensure you have met the academic requirements defined by your program to participate. You will also be sized for your gown, and have your photos taken in the studio.

Steps you will take after you have made your appointment with Registration

  • Ensure that you have completed your Graduation Progression Form
  • Visit the Office of the Registrar at your appointment time
  • Bring a copy of your Emirates ID & Passport with you!
  • Should you require a letter of permission to attend convocation for your employer, complete an Official Letter Request form available in your student email and bring it with you.
  • The Registration Team will ensure that you are in good academic standing with the University and you have no outstanding requirements. (Documents etc.)
  • Once you have been determined to be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony you will be requested to fill out an Application to Graduate.
  • Please ensure to fill this out accurately; your name must be as it appears in your passport, however keep mind that we are only able to display and announce 3 names (First / Middle / Last)
  • Once you have completed your Application to Graduate, your student ledger will automatically be charged. The fees are 892.50 AED for your Application to Graduate and 472.50 AED for your participation in the graduation ceremony
  • You must clear any outstanding balances at your earliest with Student Accounts.
  • Once you have finished with the Office of the Registrar, you must proceed to the Studio to be sized for your gown, have your photos taken, and record your name to be announced during the ceremony.
  • You will also have the option to purchase pre-ceremony photos, or other regalia, you will need to return to Student Accounts to make payment, and return the form to the studio for processing. (These charges must be settled, and cannot be billed to your student ledger)
  • Come prepared to have your photo taken with your gown on. This photo will be used during the ceremony when you cross the stage. (There will also be available for purchase and professionally edited)

What do I receive from the University if I do not attend Convocation?

  • For students in good financial standing, the diploma, certificate, and Official Transcript will be prepared upon approval of your application for graduation.
  • Official documentation is not released or prepared until all financial obligations have been satisfied.
  • For students graduating as of the end of Spring 2017, the documentation will be prepared for distribution by September 2017.
  • If you are not attending the ceremony you may collect a tassel after the ceremony has been held.

Ceremony Details

  • Please watch for an upcoming email for more information to follow about the ceremony
  • All participating graduates will be supplied a limited number of tickets for their friends and family, more details will be announced at a later date. Limited additional tickets may be available for purchase, and will be communicated closer to the event. Children under the age of 5 are not encouraged to attend
  • It is mandatory to attend the rehearsal for the ceremony. Rehearsal is planned for the afternoon of TBA (more details will be communicated). If you do not attend the rehearsal, you will not be permitted to attend the ceremony - no exceptions. Parents and guests are not permitted to attend the rehearsal.

What do I wear to Convocation?

  • The event requires semi-formal wear. Dark colors are preferable.
  • No unauthorized costume or ornamentation shall be worn on any of the regalia during the ceremony.
  • Male graduates may wear a ghafiyah, guthra, egal, kandura, and na-aal together with the graduation gown and hood. A bisht is not permitted over the graduation gown. You will not be required to wear the mortarboard.
  • Female graduates may wear an abaya and shela, hijab, or burqa together with the graduation gown, hood and mortarboard.
  • If you are not in your academic regalia and ready for the procession, you will not be permitted to participate in the ceremony - no exceptions.
  • Graduates keep the gown, hood, mortarboard and tassel. You will receive the tassel at the ceremony.

What is the order of events on Convocation day?

  • Be in the assembly room on time. Late arrivals to the assembly rooms will be barred from entry into the Ceremony - no exceptions.
  • Graduates must go directly to the gown assembly rooms. Separate changing rooms will be provided for male and female graduates. Family or guests are not permitted in the assembly rooms. Make-up artists and stylists may not enter the assembly room. No unauthorized personnel may enter the room.
  • Graduates are not permitted to carry personal items such as phones, etc. into the ceremony. No exceptions. Leave your personal items with your guests during assembly of the procession and the ceremony.
  • Graduates will be given a card with their name and degree and/or honor. Please respect the organization of the ceremony.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted.
  • Graduates will be led to the stage by a Marshall.

What do my guests need to know about Convocation?

  • Guests must present a ticket to enter the ceremony.
  • Guests may not enter the assembly room.
  • All guests must be seated on time - no exceptions.
  • No one is permitted to enter the hall after the procession begins and the honored guests have entered the hall.
  • Private photographers are not permitted to enter as per the ruler's court restriction. Please note that photography and video recording will not be permitted during the graduation ceremony.
  • Official Photographers and Videographers will be capturing the entire event. This may include participants and all or part of the audience.

What do my guests need to know about parking at the venue?

  • Venue details coming soon...

Ceremony Entrance and Conferral Animation

Student Entrance Procession

Student Certificates

Important Instructions

On the day of the Ceremony:

  • You will receive a wrist band, and a name card with your information on it. Do not misplace this card, keep it with you at all times it will be used to identify you during conferral!
  • Your card will identify your seat. Please be familiar with your seat, do not change your seating as this will affect the entire ceremony.
  • When the time comes please follow your Faculty Marshal to your seats on the stage in an orderly fashion. (Remember this may be broadcast live)
  • Follow the direction of your Faculty Marshal when you queue for your Degree Conferral.
  • Through RFID, you will be identified and it will trigger the announcement and display of your name.
  • Once you hear your name announced, that will be your queue to move to the centre of the stage to receive your certificate.
  • Upon receipt of your certificate, please look to the camera. Once the picture has been taken proceed to the end of stage and follow the path back to your seat