The Registrar's Office supports new, continuing and graduating students:

  • New, readmitted, and transfer students may confirm their registration in courses by paying the semester's tuition and fees in full upon admission or acceptance.
  • Continuing, readmitted and students who have changed their program may confirm their registration by paying tuition and fees in full upon reservation of seats in a following semester
  • Deadlines to pay fees and the last day to add or drop without academic or financial penalty is published in the Academic Calendar.
  • Kindly note that the Class Schedule is subject to change, though every effort is made to minimize any such changes.

New Students

  1. Once accepted or admitted to the University, you may reserve your seats in courses. To confirm your registration, pay your tuition and fees in full.
  2. Review the Student Handbook to learn more about your program requirements and the support services of the University.
  3. Select courses for your first semester based on the conditions of your admission and the courses required in your program.
  4. After payment at the Cashiers window in Hall C, add or drop your courses at the New Student window in Hall C.

Continuing Students

  1. Review the Student Handbook and Catalogue to refresh your understanding of program requirements.
  2. Review the Academic Calendar to ensure that you are aware of the start and end date of classes and examinations.
  3. Do you wish to transfer to another program? Please file an Application for Change of Major prior to registering for the next semester.
  4. Do you wish to take a course at another post-secondary institution in the Emirates or at a partner institution? Please file an Application for a Letter of Permission to transfer those courses back to the Canadian University Dubai.
  5. Do you wish to hold your registration for a semester? Please file an Application to Hold Registration and identify the semester that you are likely to return.
  6. Will you graduate as of the end of the next semester? Please file an Application to Graduate and ensure that you are registered in the courses that will fulfil program requirements.
  7. Ensure that you are:
    1. In Clear Academic Status. If not, contact your academic advisor and/or Chair of the program to establish how to ensure that you will be in clear academic status as soon as possible.
    2. In Good Financial Standing (no holds, no outstanding amounts)
    3. Eligible for full admission to the program (no missing documents, English Language Requirement fulfilled, Mathematics Placement test complete, etc.)