Repton Students Participate in E-business Simulation

DUBAI, May 22, 2017 – Canadian University Dubai hosted six students from Repton School Dubai’s International Baccalaureate Career Program (IBCP) in May in order to introduce the students to the University’s Business Administration programs and have them participate in a special e-Business simulation. 

The simulation, which was designed to teach the students how to become digital entrepreneurs, required the students to create a fictional start-up company and develop a business model and live website for it which was then presented to the instructors. 

“We decided to give the students a ‘crash course’ in e-business lab, rather than the usual lecture about the program,” said Dr. Anas Najdawi, Assistant Professor and Chair of e-Business program.  “e-Business at Canadian University Dubai is all about innovation and keeping ahead of the competition with latest technologies, so by role playing as entrepreneurs trying to establish a start-up company, which is an active learning tactic we use with our own students, they were able to walk away with a much better idea of what kind of programs Canadian University Dubai has to offer and how this type of blended learning environment can help them in their future careers.”

The six students were chosen to participate in the activity because of their involvement in Repton’s IBCP and Business Technology (B-TEC) program, which prepares them with career-based qualifications and the skills they need to move on to higher education or go straight into employment.   They are the first class enrolled in the program at Repton and to date they have participated in a number of hands on activities, including organizing an event at Repton that raised 12,000 AED for the Red Crescent Society, and participating in internships with leading Dubai organizations. 

“The IBCP program at Repton utilizes a lot of the latest technologies to teach the students, and engage them in their classes, so the opportunity to participate in an e-business simulation activity with Canadian University Dubai was a perfect fit,” said Aimon Sabawi, IBCP Coordinator and Teacher of Business & Economics at Repton. “The students really enjoyed it, and walked away with a better understanding of the benefit an undergraduate degree could have on their future career paths.   It’s certainly been an eye opening year for them, and I hope Repton and Canadian University Dubai can continue to organize events like this for future students.”

Canadian University Dubai offers a range of business administration and marketing programs aimed at providing students with a high quality education in e-business, finance and accounting, luxury marketing, sports marketing, human resource management and event and tourism management.