Student Entrepreneur Scores Competition Successes with Latest Business Venture

July 4th, 2016: Abzal Assembekov, a communications major at Canadian University Dubai (CUD), has been placed among the top three teams in two recent enterprise competitions with his newest business venture

Along with his business partners, Abzal, who has a number of enterprises to his name, was among the top three finalists in the growth stage of the Step Conference 2016, and also took third place in the Impact Hub CrowdFunDxb Pitch Competition.

Abzal’s latest start-up was born out of another of his successful firms, Heptagon Multimedia, which is a digital agency that provides marketing solutions and products. His new venture,, is a mobile application that can create virtual tours using a smartphone camera for free. The app is designed for real estate agencies and property owners, and is available through subscription for users who want to create several tours on a regular basis.

Abzal explained, “The inspiration for this idea came from the fact that the real estate market is one of the best and fastest to grow with. We started thinking about how to make life easier for real estate agencies and at the same time make something that they would really want to use.

Classified ads are not a new thing for them, so we had to come up with something that nobody had developed before – we are actually the first in the world to launch this kind of technology. There is an app from the UK, but to use that you need to buy their accessories. With our app, there is a stabilizer which shows how users should hold the phone to make the app take virtual tours effectively.”

Having grown up in an entrepreneurial environment – both of his parents are entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan – Abzal was always passionate about making it in business, yet admits to having learnt some valuable lessons along the way. He said, “Setting up a new business and finding investors is not an easy process at all. When you are the one who should lead in the company you have to learn to do everything.

“I had to learn by myself by reading books, listening to podcasts, reading articles, watching youtube business lessons and interviewing some other entrepreneurs with vast experience about the ways to find clients and the ways to make sales, as hiring sales people wasn’t even in my investments budget.”

Alongside his numerous business ventures, Abzal also uses his entrepreneurial spirit to support the local community. He revealed, “I am always keen to do something new and to create things that make life easier and better for people. We are currently sponsoring the Al Ihsan Charity Association in Ajman, by developing a mobile application and website for them for free, and are also supporters of MOAS – the Migrant Offshore Aid Station charity, having provided complimentary services to translate their website into Arabic.”

Abzal also remains committed to his university education and says he is thankful to CUD for providing the flexibility for him to work alongside his studies. He said, “I love that I can spend all day at the office and come to lectures in the evenings, where I am well educated by professors who understand their students and have a good approach to education, which helps me combine study and work.”

Looking to the future, Abzal is hoping to consolidate his growing business empire by securing further investment, and also aims to partner with some of the major websites in the property industry. He concluded, “The competitions were extremely useful for networking with investors and as we continue to develop the app my plan is to find more venture capital investments and perhaps publish into to gather investments from the crowd.”