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Canadian University Dubai is at the forefront of developing the UAE’s knowledge-base through a range of industry-focused undergraduate degree programs. Since 2006 we have developed a diverse range of courses that equip students with the knowledge and skills to enter a globalized workforce.

Having created a portal to Canadian education right here in Dubai, each of our undergraduate programs has established partnership arrangements with institutions in Canada (or the US for Architecture), enabling students to transfer, take part in an exchange program, or incorporate a period of Canadian-based study in their degree.

The School of Business Administration offers courses that develop graduates with a broad range of business skills to enter the UAE’s flourishing commercial scene; while the School of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology delivers programs that provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge to be a part of Dubai’s growing technology hub.

The School of Architecture and Design offers specialized degrees that prepare students for work in the City’s iconic architectural scene, while the School of Communication and Media Studies delivers programs in both English and Arabic to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in the field.

In the School of Environment and Health Sciences, students can develop the business, management and specialized skills to succeed in roles based in the growing healthcare and environmental sectors, while the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides foundation courses for all students across every one of our undergraduate degree programs.

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