Bachelor of Computer and Networking Engineering Technology

    Bachelor of Science Degree Program
    4 Years (8 Semesters)
    132 Credit Hours
    Fall, Spring and Summer

The Bachelor of Computer and Networking Engineering Technology is designed to meet the skill needs of a world driven by ever-advancing technology. It combines engineering skills with the solid business principles that are needed to thrive in an enterprise-oriented world. With a hands-on approach that delivers less theory and more technology, you will gain plenty of practical experience right from the first year, to build a strong skill set upon graduation.

Through a modern educational approach and state-of-the art facilities, the program will give you a firm grounding in key engineering disciplines, including: Database Driven Web Applications; LAN and WAN Technologies; Network Security and Administration; Network Operating Systems; and Wireless Networks, as well as critical business skills including entrepreneurship, communication and problem solving. Admission to the program requires 60% or more in the UAE High School Certificate (or its equivalent).


The objective of the Bachelor of Computer and Networking Engineering Technology is to ensure that you acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform successfully in the modern world as a network professional. CNET graduates have a 100% employment rate due to their strong and broad skills in the computer network, software and hardware technology domain.

The program will prepare you for certifications such as CCNA, Network+ and MCSA, and instill a sense of professional responsibility that will enable you to continue your development throughout your career. It offers a direct link to the Cisco Networking Academy program, which is a dynamic educational program that teaches students relevant technology skills. Students will be able to write the globally recognized CCNA exam upon graduation, which will increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace and open doors to different employment opportunities.

Career opportunities

There is a strong demand for networking professionals in the UAE and wider region. This degree offers excellent prospects for employment in disciples including:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Network Analyst
  • Internet Network Specialist
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Database Designer
  • System Analyst

Program Structure

Program Requirements

Requirements Compulsory
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
University Requirement (UR) 15 9 24
Faculty Requirements (Core) (CR.H) 21 - 21
Concentration (Major) (MJ) 81 6 87
Total 117 15 132

Core Requirements

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
MTH 130 Probability and Statistics MTH-112 3
SWS 110 Programming I   3
NET 101 Digital Logic   3
SWS 316 Programming II SWS-110 3
NET 112 Computer Architecture NET-101 3
NET 110 Computer Network Fundamentals   3
BUS 310 Project Management Not before semester 5 3

Major Requirements

Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
EBU 200 E-Business Fundamentals   3
MTH 120 Discrete Mathematics 1   3
BUS 120 Financial Analysis   3
NET 120 LAN Switching & Routing NET-110 3
SWS 213 Database Design   4
BUS 111 Marketing of Services   3
NET 111 Operating Systems Fundamentals NET-112 3
BUS 410 Entrepreneurship in the New Economy   3
NET 210 WAN Technologies NET-120 3
NET 121 Network Operating Systems NET-111 4
SWS 211 System Analysis & Design SWS-213, EBU-200, SWS-110, NET-110 3
BUS 212 Organizational & Client Relationships   3
NET 220 Network Security and Administration NET-120 3
NET 221 Communication Technology NET-210 3
SWS 320 Operational Research MTH-120 3
NET 222 Wireless Networks NET-221 3
NET 310 Network Management NET-220 3
NET 323 Voice/ IP Convergence NET-120 3
NET 320 Advanced Switching & Routing NET-210 3
NET 214 Network Programming SWS-316, NET-110, SWS-213 3
NET 324 Internship 80 Cr.H 2
NET 411 Network Design Project NET-310 2
NET 410 Enterprise Network Design NET-222, NET-323 3
NET 412 Applied Research Project MTH-130, SWS-320 2
EBU 450 E-Business Consulting Project Final Semester 3
NET 421 Integrative Project I Completed 100 Cr.H 2
NET 422 Integrative Project II NET-421 2
NET 420 Advanced Network Troubleshooting NET-310, NET-320 3

Major Requirements

*Students must complete 6 Cr.H (2 Courses)
Course Code Course Title Prerequisite Credit Hours
NET 430 Securing the Wireless World NET-222 3
NET 431 Mobile Commerce NET-120 3
NET 432 Wireless Applications NET-222 3
NET 433 Broadband Communications NET-120 3
SWS 421 Cryptography and Information Security NET-222 3
COM 425 Coding and Information Theory COM-412 3