Our Alumni, Our Ambassadors

Canadian University Dubai alumni are the pride of the University and the best ambassadors of our institution.

The CUD Alumni Office aims to develop, sustain and expand opportunities for our alumni, by connecting them with former classmates, colleagues, professors, and the University community in general, to establish valuable social and professional networks.

Our Alumni office supports and promotes:

  • Opportunities to reconnect with fellow graduates and University personnel and to support their alma mater in a meaningful way;
  • Opportunities for career development through lifelong learning (postgraduate study, short courses offered by our Corporate Training services etc.);
  • Access to employment opportunities;
  • Recognition, promotion and utilization of professional skills, experience, status and knowledge;
  • Access to a global alumni community where membership provides unique benefits and services.

Calling our Alumni – You can Make a Difference

Here’s how: Whether you have gone on to earn another degree, get a better job, or enrich your life in other ways, you are living proof of the power of education at CUD. You can share this power with current students who are pursuing the same goal as you, and be a part of their success.

You can work with us to:

  • Mentor current students by serving as role models and advisors;
  • Help strengthen our programs by volunteering on a committee;
  • Increase awareness and financial support for Canadian University Dubai;
  • Recognize and honor graduates who have succeeded in their careers;
  • Share ideas to strengthen educational and cultural activities on campus.

To ensure that you are informed about all activities and events at Canadian University Dubai and among our alumni community, please send or update your contact details, by sending us an email at alumni@cud.ac.ae

Alumni Giving

If you’d like to give back to the University community and contribute to the education of current and future students of Canadian University Dubai, either financially, or in kind, please contact us on alumni@cud.ac.ae

Alumni Events and Activities

The Alumni Office works to promote interaction between its members, as well as with the University, and can help facilitate events and activities that provide both formal and informal opportunities to meet.

Social Events

  • Alumni reunion dinner;
  • Forming an alumni team for sporting games;
  • Sports gatherings including tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, etc.;
  • Formal or semi-formal dinners or receptions;
  • Outdoor activities including, group hike, biking, picnic or cookout, boating, etc.

Volunteering/Community Service Events

  • Volunteer day;
  • Work with local non-profit organizations on community-based day projects, such as park/community clean ups, support for local shelters, assistance in local schools;
  • Volunteer as a group to help at a community charity fundraiser;
  • Sign up for a community walk/run.

Professional/Personal Development & Continuing Education

  • Events featuring CUD alumni speakers, professors, or local speakers, incorporating a social hour and/or Q&A session, with a focus on higher education topics, diverse events, or topics relevant to the alumni group.
  • A local career day program, including alumni representatives from local organizations, highlighting current opportunities.
  • Professional speaker events on a personal development topic: stress management, time management, career management, emotional awareness, etc.
  • An alumni series, where members of the chapter share knowledge and expertise in their fields that are relevant to the group: personal finance, marketing tools, technology tips, etc.

Recruitment/Student Support

  • Welcome receptions or event for new alumni or interns;
  • Tour of a local company, organization, plant, or facility for interns or alumni who are new to the area;

Please register your interest at alumni@cud.ac.ae